Rihanna's ANTI Review

With all the fuss and conversations taken place about Beyonce's one song, it seems the media and fans have all but forgotten about Rihanna's debut of ANTI. Beyonce just eclipsed Rihanna's entire buzz with one damn song but it may be with reason. Although I love me some Rihanna it was reported that Anti only sold around 1,000 copies but that doesn't include the downloaded copies. Actually the release was already platinum before it's release date because Samsung purchased 1 million copies as a promotional deal with the mobile phone manufacturer. If you have listened to the album do you like it? I personally love 3 songs but 3 songs doesn't make a album good. My favorite songs are Yeah, I said it, Needed Me and the bonus Sex with me.

This song is HOT!!! You know I like a bit of excitement and the dominatrix, well this doesn't disappoint.

Then there's the whispering of Rihanna being upset with her label for distributing her album 2 days prior to it's official release date on Tidal. Maybe that's the reason behind the speculated feud between Rihanna and Beyonce but despite what if it's true or not, we never really see the two ladies interacting at all. It's being speculated that Rihanna pulled out of the Grammy's because Beyonce was there which seemed odd at first but then got me to thinking. If you're married to the executive who owns the distribution rights to another artist wouldn't it be in your shared best interest to try and work out release dates so that everyone gets a decent amount of shine? One would think but who knows. Wendy actually discussed this a bit on her hot topic Tuesday.

Here's my other favorite tunes!

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