I grew up watching The Wiz and I even had all of my kids watch it even though they weren't that into it because it seems outdated to them and you know kids have no appreciation for classics. But we received the DVD for Christmas one year as it was given to my eldest daughter when she was about 4 and I was ecstatic to receive it due to the nostalgia from my own childhood.  Needless to say that I cannot wait for the revised version and eagerly await the Broadway release in 2016. All of my kids will be in attendance as well as my mother. I don't know how they'll be able to recreate the scenes from the World Trade Center but I'm sure Hollywood will work their magic. When I was a kid, just knowing that the movie was suppose to be about Dorthy in the city was amazing and realistic to me. The snow, the Twin Towers, the subway, the taxi cabs with their legendary yellow colors and signs were truly symbolic to me because it was all of images that I identified with and I loved it. I also love that hometown girls Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige will be involved in the new version being that it's roots are in the city with Blige playing Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West, while Latifah to play the infamous Wizard. There's even talks of BeyoncĂ© potentially joining to play Glinda the good witch. The television version is planned to air on NBC December 3.

Horrible discovery for Planned Parenthood

If you have been paying attention to the news you've probably seen them skim over a report that mentioned leaked videos of planned parenthood workers sifting through aborted fetuses for body parts to sell. How barbaric and gruesome but it's probably not the first time you've heard of this occurring.  I remember reading this on one of those sites that lists the injustice occurring in urban areas daily and at the time I thought it was completely made up from conspiracy theorist and this was years ago. Now here it is 2015 and it's being reported by major news sources and saying the act of harvesting organs is a crime but if little ole me heard about it years ago then I'm sure it's not new information to the government. The difference is that most Planned Parenthood clinics are located in urban areas and predominantly impact minorities therefore the crime was overlooked. Take a look at this article published in 2011 basically stating the what I outlined above and as always I've included the video that was used in the reports now being covered by the major media.
Planned Parenthood Agenda
This link outlines the creator of Planned Parenthood and her original motives regarding contraception.  http://www.toomanyaborted.com/sanger/

Jill Scott on Power 105

Driving into the office today and my girl Jill Scott was on the radio and I vibes with Jilly from Philly so I was all eager to hear what my girl had to say. I recently noticed that she's been touring lately and my husband asked if she had new music out because she's been touring and I wasn't aware that she put out a new CD. Now I have to listen to Jill's new work Woman and review it here with you and I'll get right on that one but while listening to her interview she definitely hit on some great points that I agree with but some other topics made me scratch my head a bit. But that's the beauty of being individuals, we don't always agree with how other people feel 100% of the time. Still as a woman, some of these topics were questionable and made me feel a certain way about her reasoning, like her views on Bill Cosby. Her view on Bill Cosby wasn't the only view I disagreed with but it was definitely the most controversial topic for me. Now I get growing up in North Philly and looking up to this man admiring the fact that you both come from similar circumstances but when does admiration cross the line into plain naivety?

I do understand not jumping on the bandwagon with what other people say but come on now how many people are going to come up with the same damn lie? She went on to say that if it were your father, you would have to look at it differently and the love doesn't fade and that everyone has proclivities that may not be good in public opinion but okay true everyone does have proclivities that may be good or bad but the difference is as a moral person we use our better judgment and we don't act on all of our desires at the cost of harming other people and if it were my father best believe that I would be his harshest critic because if you're of a certain stature in my life then you should know better. In Bill's situation is was a clear violation of trust and these women looked up to him with admiration (same as Jill) and he used his influence to his perverse advantage and no matter how you spin it, it was wrong and his image should be tarnished because that's how he built his legacy. On a false image.  I believe that one should always use their brain and act responsibly in every scenario. Anyway... we're going to agree to disagree because we're civilized and I still love Jill. She rocks and the interview rocked too.

I included the interview for you to listen to for yourself.  


Truth be Told

Did you watch Power this past weekend when Tasha told her husband to control his mistresses body to control her mind? Well I did and I thought it was a fascinating topic to discuss. Do you believe great sex leads people to make decisions they wouldn't normally? I thought it was odd that they added that line in there from a wife's perspective but it was definitely a whoa moment. When you're married
to someone for a while or if you're in a long term relationship, we tend to know that persons body and habits so well we kind of forget that great sex clouds the brain. To me that scene when the wife said to make sure he keeps his sex game on point sound all types of crazy but I got it! I understood it but it just made me think about some things.  Anyway... there is be a biological answer to help explain what happens internally during those moments. Do you find yourself all heart eyed emoji when you're having sex and you literally loose your logic or lack good common sense? Let me rephrase that... when you're having good sex? I know you have at some point. We all have! Now let's dissect what's happens just in case you happen to be living through that right now. Enjoy it to the fullest but remember to stay true to who you are at all times! Good sex can throw you off your A-game and that's never good.


Weekend Runs with a POP of Color!

My pop of color from this weekend seems to be popular so I shared it.

Blue fringe flat sandals by Steve Madden 2015 summer.
Blue bag is Botkier New York from 2015 Spring but this color can take you into Fall. It's a perfect transitional bag to get your pop of color across multiple seasons.


Smart Money... Happy Monday!

I've been busy and had an action packed Saturday so I definitely had to share with you. I attended a seminar on personal finance that touched on how people should prepare for retirement or better yet they outlined how people fail to plan for retirement because most don't really concern themselves
with any long term financial goals. The seminar was intended for the 55+ years and older and I attended with my mother but it was still useful information. What they said was that most people get a job and if they're lucky in today's job market, their employer offers a 401K plan that we feel takes care of the future for us but that's not the case.

More on the flip including some of the concert I attended...


I rarely post on weekends but if its happening and its on my mind them why not post it. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far but I found this jewel on FOD and I thought the use of satire to    highlight the injustice being lived by so many people was interesting. At times a different perspective opens eyes on serious issues and in this case the use of humor breaks down barriers of a taboo subject and in light of many cases including Sandra Bland who suspiciously died in police custody in Texas, people need to be more concerned and vocal.


Men's Style Edition

I feel like I've been neglecting the men lately. Especially in the fashion department as I haven't posted a men's fashion post in a while so here it is. Let's take a look at some of the fashion from men's fashion week in NYC, Paris and Berlin. These men are the trend setters for their countries and are suppose to be a direct reflection of what's hot right now. The joys of fashion is when you learn to take what's hot at the present time and adopt it to fit your own unique perception. Isn't that the core definition of trend setter? That's what your goal should be when dressing yourself everyday. Uniqueness and individuality borrowing from styles from the past and present to make it speak for you while never saying a word. So these men definitely let their fashion speak for them and were cool doing it.

Hit the flip for more


Find Your Happy Place!

With me always being online I happen to stumble upon a site which I felt "spoke to me" and I was almost immediately drawn in by great marketing and contemplated forking over $2000.00 dollars but sensibility kicked in and I did a bit of research. What will this new marketing ploy get me for my $2K? So after reading rave reviews I found a site that told the truth about this great marketing technique. Basically the course taught the same things you're able to read online or in a self help book but after you're done they offer you the opportunity to gain your money back and make revenue promoting the plan and the course. Can someone say GENIUS!!! To think I was sucked in by the pretty, well laid out website and the testimonies of countless women who said that the course changed their lives and their business. But I see why they were all so eager to promote the site and the courses because after completion, you have another product to add to your own product collection and to top it off you have a list of other women who lend their testimonies so it has beneficial right?


Everyday food that can make you sick

It's Thursday folks and I'm tired. Probably because last week was a short work week and I'm feeling it today but honestly I've been feeling tired since Tuesday. Those four days off last week through my sleeping schedule off and I haven't recuperated yet. Sort of the way you feel when you've been out partying and then try to go to work directly afterwards with little sleep. I've done that before but couldn't imagine doing something like that now. Probably because I have kids and even when I'm home on my 'off' hours I'm really never off. You have to make time for yourself folks when you have kids but that's an entirely different post.

You guys know I like bringing you great recipes and yesterday I planned on making a vegan soup because I'm trying to cut back on meat these days. I purchased all the ingredient to make a sweet potato cauliflower soup (recipe and post coming soon because I haven't made it yet) and looked at my potato rack and I had potatoes growing sprouts. Now I was always told growing up not to eat those potato with sprouts but no one ever told me why. It's like when an onion grows sprouts, you're told they're no longer any good but do you know why? Well it's due to potatoes becoming poisonous within their sprouts when present. The sprouts contain glycoalkaloid also known as solanine which impacts the nervous system. Leaves of tomatoes also contain the same type of poisoning and if consumed can be deadly.


Loose one... Hip Hop Version

While driving this morning into the office the radio station had their version of a game where you have to eliminate one of the things or categories and this morning there was a highly scrutinized edition for hip hop.
 The basic point of the game is that you have four people or things and you have eliminate one that you could have done without and today the four people were Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z and Tupac. I know... that's a good one right? Especially if you're into hip hop and have experienced all of these artist in their prime. Well the first name thrown out there by someone at the station was Jay-Z. Jay had to go immediately in their eyes and to be honest that was my first choice as well but I believe that the decision is not 100% based on merit but more so the entire package of the person. Let me explain in more detail. When the DJ on the radio said Jay-Z there was immediate laughter in the room from the other DJ's and to be honest I feel that decision involved some hate during the process. WE all know of the artist that is Jay-Z. He is still very relevant in today's music industry and has grown to be a great businessman and there is no disputing that fact but he's also portrayed to be conceited, egotistical and a bit of a douche but to some degree all those traits go with the territory of being portrayed as a "larger than life" celebrity. If you have a million people treat you like you're better then the average and can do no wrong then guess what? You're going to believe that you're better then everyone else and your attitude is aligned with the reception you get from others. Society has put these celebrities on a pedal stool and then gets upset when the person acts as though their hot shit! OK... it's how people make them feel therefore they act but that doesn't take away from Jay-Z's body of work.


Awesome Movie Alert

OMG I stumbled upon "This Is Where I Leave You" and I absolutely LOVED it! If this movie is loosely based on someones life (because I couldn't imagine that a family would really be that screwed up) it's a complete mess but it's the best thing that I've seen in a while.


Diabetics and weight loss

Happy Monday! I have a lot to discuss with you all this beautiful Monday and I start by saying I hope you had a great weekend (it was a long extended holiday for many). I made sure that my plate was full for my extended weekend with cookouts and lots of restaurants. If you read the blog often then you've seen my post on the best damn french toast that I've ever tried and again I'll mention it to you then we'll get to some healthy talk too.

This is a banana foster french toast with caramelized bananas, sweet brown sugar rum sauce (which was home made), and toasted walnuts. It's the best thing you could ever eat I swear and I'm testing out a few recipes for it now. I'll re-post when I find the best version but there are tons of recipes online so if you try it and find a good one let me know. 


Happy July 4th

I hope you all enjoyed you're 4th of July and if you're in NY you enjoyed the mild weather. It wasn't too hot nor too cold but it did rain a bit. The rain didn't stop the show though and even through the rain, it all seemed to work out perfectly. I spent my extended weekend locally. Philly has a week long celebration every year and it ends on the forth with a huge concert and street fair which is nice but crowded. I went to the free concert in the past and it's entirely too many people so this year I went to the block party instead. It's held in the heart of the city directly outside of Independence Hall. Independence Hall is where the the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were birthed and it's only fitting that Philadelphia honors its heritage with a big celebration. Some of you celebrate your birthdays for an entire week. Why can't Philly? LOL

Speaking of Philly I had the chance to actually view the city because I went to look at a house but that's an entirely different post. Back to the city... The only thriving part is the downtown area. There are parts that look like it's been neglected completely. It reminded me of old D.C. but 10x worse. If you've ever been to D.C. The nations capital, you may know that it didn't always look as nice as it does now. A few years ago, maybe around 15-20 years ago, the city started to go through a revitalization phase which you're now able to see the progress. Time Square in NYC also went through this same revitalization and if you were lucky enough to buy property in any of these areas back then, you would now be a millionaire because one centrally placed building could net the owner over six figures. If you're fortunate enough to live near an urban area buy something and hold on to it. A brownstone in Harlem which you could have purchased from the city for pennies literally. The city had a sale at one point where regular investors were able to purchase property for $1 with the promise to fix up the property and live there. Most of these vacant properties were run down eye sores and now they're gold mines. So again if you're able to buy now, better late then never and they are still a few gems to be found.