Aura Reading

Happy hump day friends! You know that when I have one of my moments of discovery I make it my business to share and recently I've had one of these deep thought provoking moments where I believe I may have stumbled upon something good. If you've been visiting the site regularly, then you know that at times I post one of my favorite topics about discovering your talents or just carving out a path that is truly your own. All of these topics that I've discussed in the past led me to finally venture out and get my aura photo taken and at the time, I let the man in the store decipher what my colors meant and I kept it moving.


Spring Bag

Happy Monday!!! Hope your week is off to a great start. The weather definitely seems to be calming clearing the way for Spring and with Spring comes new bags. I love a fresh new bag for Spring! Typically I love a big bag and if you read the blog often then you're also aware of my fondness for accessories, which is why I absolutely love the Marc Jacob's Wingman Shopping Bag. I'm not talking about their everyday Wingman tote but the tote that so heavily embellished it's hard to ignore. It screams Spring and it features so much bling that it will immediately ramp up any maxi dress or denim casual outfit. I prefer the bag in the colbalt blue color. Also it is a bit on the expensive side at $900.00.  This is because it's the beginning of the season but it will go on sale like everything else. Give it a while and wait until it's at least 60% off which will be a gamble but you'll feel better and your wallet will thank you. I've might even splurge at 50% off the sticker price but nothing less.

This is the red which is not my personal favorite color but I wanted to show all the options.


Rihanna's ANTI Review

With all the fuss and conversations taken place about Beyonce's one song, it seems the media and fans have all but forgotten about Rihanna's debut of ANTI. Beyonce just eclipsed Rihanna's entire buzz with one damn song but it may be with reason. Although I love me some Rihanna it was reported that Anti only sold around 1,000 copies but that doesn't include the downloaded copies. Actually the release was already platinum before it's release date because Samsung purchased 1 million copies as a promotional deal with the mobile phone manufacturer. If you have listened to the album do you like it? I personally love 3 songs but 3 songs doesn't make a album good. My favorite songs are Yeah, I said it, Needed Me and the bonus Sex with me.


Recap of the Grammy's, Kanye West New CD and SNL

Listening to Kanye West new album has me convinced that he's the embodiment of Black Swan. He has some real heavy internal battles waging on within himself and you can totally hear it in the music. His latest CD which has changed names yet again was released on Tidal and it's out there. There are a few good songs like Waves and Real Friends that are worth listening to but other than those it's one of those to run through and keep it moving. He's all over the place with it.

Next topic of discussion was the Kendrick Lamar performance last night on the Grammy's. It's was truly an epic performance to say the least. I wasn't really feeling To Pimp a Butterfly but I felt his performance.



Fashion All-Stars

I've been slacking on my fashion post for you guys and it's one of the busiest weeks for the hotness. So here goes the fashion All-Stars that we love but most can't afford. As for me, I use these designers as inspiration and then buy accessories to complement what I can afford for "the look". You know there is nothing wrong with being unique and dipped to the nines! Buy patches and pins to add a sense of uniqueness to your outfits. It doesn't have to cost a million for you to look like a million. That's exactly what these designers do to stay current and different. They add dimension with textures.



Beyonce Killed the Super Bowl and My Hair Health

This is my mood today after Beyonce slayed the Super Bowl.
 Love and respect to the Carter's and I love how Jay can let his wife do her while playing his position. Just in case you haven't seen the video.... here it is!


Ready for Valentine's Day???

Oh what a tangled web we weave. It's almost Valentine's Day and I can't help but to notice all the excessive Valentine's Day memes and post. Then there's the daily loop of 50 Shades of Grey to get the juices flowing I guess. So it's that time of year again and it brings me to my topic or question for you. Are women designed to be submissive? And if you believe that they are then have the majority of women lost their submissive nature? I personally think that women are naturally submissive but learn to mask it well due to their experience as it may be misconstrued as too passive. There is nothing wrong with a woman being soft and catering as long as you don't loose yourself and your brain in the process. With that said what will you be doing with your time of Valentine's Day? Here are a few great ideas to help you out for the season and they're perfect for singles or couples.

Nothing gets the juices flowing more than the visuals. It's exactly why selfies are such a hit and why people constantly want to improve their online images. Investing in a sexy boudoir photo session will not only make him excited, it will also be exciting for you and a little memorabilia for yourself later in life. You will always look at those photos with fond memories because it will always remind you of your perfect feminine essence. The trick is to keep it black and white or vintage low lit. You can also play with your camera for a do-it-yourself session to save money of have that special someone take the photos for you.


More Men's Fashion NYFW 2016

More from NYFW Men's collections. The collection for one of our favorite men's designers were hit or miss this season in my opinion. These are the few looks from Public School had me swooning but not many. However Public School has their individual colt following due to their fashion forward styles but it's not for everyone but individualist appreciate that uniqueness.


NY Fashion Week Men's Wear Edition

It's that lovely time of year in NYC that we call Fashion Week. A great marvelous time of year despite the weather where we get to see the latest and greatest in fashion for the upcoming seasons. There is nothing more enticing then a well dressed man and the few shows for the Fall 2016 collections didn't disappoint.

Brett Johnson Fall 2016. I was in love with the coats! Especially the coat with the fur collar.