Have Kids? Peace of Mind

My kids weigh heavily on all my decisions and the role of Mom is priority #1 for me. I'm sure if you're a parent then it goes without saying that their safety is always in the back of your mind especially during those milestone events like starting a new school, their first days in a new class, or when they develop friendships that require playdates with other parents. These days occur whether you're ready for them or not. My youngest daughter who just turned 6 begged me to spend the night at her friends house from school a few months back and although I felt comfortable with the other child's parents and siblings, there was still an uneasy reluctant feeling I had about letting her go and spend the night somewhere else. Despite my uneasy feeling I did let her spend the night but I made her take my cell phone with her just in case. To make a long story short nothing happened but I was still very reluctant because of those "what if moments" that played out in my mind.  What were those 'what if moments' that ran through my mind you ask (LOL)???? Well what if she changed her mind but was nervous about mentioning it to her friend or her friend's parents? What if she felt uneasy about something that occurred while there and the parents turned all crazy and didn't let her call me directly? You may be laughing now but I swear the most outrageous scenarios play out in my mind which I can laugh at now because they never come to fruition but what if? Then she should be able to call me right? But I look even more crazy buying a cell phone for my 5 year old so I didn't even though I wanted to.

Then my daughter started kindergarten this past September and again it's one of those milestones. What if she get's on the wrong bus? It too was one of THOSE what if scenarios that played out in my mind and then one day the school called me while I was at work and said "Hi... your daughter missed the bus and she's in the office" while she was actually already walking home with my older kids. There was a mishap though... she almost missed the bus because she was confused as to which bus was hers. Because of that a teacher reported her name so they thought she missed the bus but she saw a neighbor on a bus then she got on it and they took off and luckily it was the right bus. But who's kid did they actually have in their office and what about that child's parents? They didn't actually know their child missed the bus and even worse... what if my 5 year old had gotten on the wrong bus? This happens all the time. Especially during the first few weeks of the school year.


Are you ready for the Zen life?

I haven't done a new music post in a while so I figured what better way to start a long snowed in weekend than with some new music. Coincidentally it's also G.O.O.D. Friday which is a term coined by Kanye where he releases new songs every Friday in anticipation for his upcoming album release for SWISH. So far he's released Real Friends and No More Parties in L.A. with lack luster results. Personally I liked Real Friends but I'm not really feeling No More Parties in L.A. which features Kendrick Lamar.

Take a listen for yourself


Wendy versus Martha & Touching Vag for the 1st time

I read in the NY Post Page Six section that Martha Stewart came on to the Wendy William's stage set super judgmental. (you can read the NY Post story here: pagesix) But after watching the segment I just felt as though it was NJ women being NJ women... a bit catty. Both women are from NJ and have made phenomenal careers for themselves but it's a bit odd watching them because clearly it was a bit contrived. I think they just got off to a bad start and it set the tone. Maybe I shouldn't label it a NJ woman thing. It's most women. We feel each other out at first and initially our interaction is a bit contrived similarly to this ordeal. We grow to feel comfortable with each other. Did you see how Martha let the age thing slide at first and then she said don't put my age out there like that. LOL... I think that's what set the wheels in motion. Then Martha threw in "so you love Tequila I hear?" and look at Wendy's face. Hahahaha..... see that's the shit right there that I'm talking about. That's sooooo NJ/NY "ish". It's little moments of "was that shade" that set the tone of how we interact with one another. It's not really mean spirited... it's just how we interact but it definitely leads to good t.v.. You want to see the shade. That's why these television shows are so popular now like Housewives of.... It's full of shade! Anyway... check it out.

Hectic Week

It's been a hectic week so far. I took my kids on a road trip to D.C. which isn't really that far away from us when you consider D,C, is only three and a half hours away but it felt like forever! We actually went to DC for a college tour which could have been conducted online via a panoramic pan around of the campus because we learned absolutely nothing about the college from our visit.  It was freezing outside so our attention was on how cold it was while the college senior ran us around showing us trees with sorority and fraternity letters on them. He also pointed out buildings but the buildings all had labels on them so if you could read, then you already knew which classes were held where. When asked if we could physically see inside the buildings to get a better overview for the prospective students, we were told that it would make the tour too long. How could a visit possibly be too long? We've visited Columbia as well and although it was a bit longer they took us throughout the campus. We went inside most building and visited a lab in progress. It piques the interest further and you're actually able to see first hand how life on campus could be. If you're traveling from out of state to visit then I personally think it's expected. Needless to say we weren't impressed.



I have a four day weekend and I'm bored out of my mind! Am I the only one who feels guilty for sitting around doing nothing? I watch television and feel bad. I can watch a show or a movie but I must do something other than binge t.v..

Besides me being bored binge watching movies and shows, I wanted to let the ladies know of a product for your hair that I stumbled upon. I went to Ulta to purchase some lipstick for a future post and the cashier's hair was amazing. Surprisingly she mentioned that she gets her hair done at Ulta. I didn't even know that they offered salon services but they do and then she said that she gets her hair straightened with a steamer infusion flat iron so you know I was interested. The cashiers hair looked super healthy and she had color in it. I did a bit of research and found that there are two flat iron steamers that are frequently used but they're actually the same product under different names, both made by L'Oreal. Redken steam infusion and the L'Oreal Steam Pod which now has the steam pod 2.0. I found one on Amazon but it was $500 which I'm not paying so what's a girl to do??? I purchased a similar one from China. I always go to the discount market online looking for a good deal and I found one for less than $100 but going this route is a gamble. I've been disappointed a few times purchasing from China. It's really hit or miss and it's difficult because the market is saturated with people trying to make a quick buck.

Anyway... I'll be reviewing later but for now... here's a bit of information on it. Have you ever had this steam flat ironing treatment?

 From these pictures it looks like a simple flat iron press but I know what I saw so again... I'm trying it. I'll definitely give you the real deal review after I've tested it out. I should receive the iron 3 weeks. Yeah... I know that's a long time but getting stuff through Customs sometime takes a while but you'll see it soon. Make sure to check back on it. In the mean time, I have some lipsticks to review for you which was why I was in Ulta to begin with. I'll be doing that review tomorrow.


Powerball Scandal

Are  you playing the Powerball? If you're in a state that has it then I'm sure you're tempted to join in someone's pool or play yourself in the hopes that you win the $1.5 Billion dollar jackpot.

With that said have you heard about Powerball's recent scandal? I'm sure you haven't because I sure didn't see anything on the news about the PowerBall executive who rigged the game and stole: (click here for the story: Powerball Scandal). This is definitely news worthy but I didn't see any coverage on it.  In my opinion there is no coincidence that the jackpot is the largest it's ever been which happen to overshadow and quiet down the noise that a scandal would have brought. The realization of the fact that the numbers may not be so random could potentially cause people to stop playing and could possibly bankrupt the organization. So how else do you overshadow that news? By giving people hope that they could potentially be BILLIONAIRES! Did you read the link??? It's not a sensationalized news source. It's the NY Daily News reporting it and it's the only news that I've seen about it. Crazy right?


Golden Globe Best Dressed

The best fashion from the Golden Globe last night.

Jennifer Lopez does it again! In my opinion the best look of the night goes to J.Lo. The rest were gorg too but this yellow with the high split... FLAWLESS!

I loved Jennifer Lawrence dress too! Absolutely gorg!

Then Sylvester Stallon brought his family along. Love seeing the family pics!

Good Eats!

I also have to share a recipe with you guys that I tried. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! But it's heavy so be careful with this one.The recipe is the blooming cheesy garlic bread and here is a pictures of how mine turned out. My family loved it!

I linked the video I used below but I made some changes to this one. I used mozzarella cheese and aged cheddar by Cracker Barrel. I used a mix of olive oil and butter as well and didn't use real onions. I used onion powder, garlic powder, and I cut up fresh parsley on a fresh Italian loaf from my grocery store bakery.

Warren Buffet's Good Advise

I know I'm never beyond taking good advise from someone who has seen more than myself. Honestly even if a person isn't older than me, there is always things you can pick-up from others to enrich your current situation. I learn things from my daughters everyday and they are 17 and 6. When a man who has made his fortune in money gives free advise on how to manage money then I'm wide open to any suggestions. Warren Buffet offered some sound financial advise which is a bit of common sense but don't we all need to be reminded or what's sensible every now and then?



Your afternoon funny!

Vagina Treatment on the menu for 2016... what's your plans?

Hey BFF family! I've been M.I.A. for a moment so I had to wake up in the middle of the night to chat a bit with you. I felt that I've been neglectful so here I am writing at 1 am to fill you in on what's been up and chat.
First and foremost I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season. I know I was not feeling getting back into my morning routine  AND it's cold because winter finally made a debut. I felt some type of way this week about that. (LOL)  This has definitely been me these last few days!

Well back to why I'm posting... I went to the Korean Spa this past weekend and I wanted to share because some people truly LOVE bath houses and then for some it's a definite NO. It was my first time visiting one but I went with a friend and my sister-inlaws. My girlfriend is a definite die hard supporter and goes at least once per month. I must admit when I left there, I felt extremely relaxed but I didn't doubt that I would. After sitting in extreme heat off and on for four hours with no technology I think it would relax just about anyone so I wasn't surprised with my relaxation.

First let me explain for those who are unfamiliar with the concept what it is exactly. Simply put it's a bath house which contains multiple little rooms within this one location which mostly consist of different types of saunas. This particular spa has 24 karat gold room sauna, different salt room saunas, crystal room saunas, infrared room and a cold room which had frozen walls but wasn't really unbearably cold. It also had a steam sauna and multiple soaking baths which I'll explain further in a moment but let's discuss the saunas first. Most of the saunas suggest they relieve the following: