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Her face at the end... priceless! LOL

Rihanna supports her BFF

Awwww... you can just feel the love between these two and it's nice to see that Melissa has finally ventured out on her own with a collaborative deal selling hats. Although Rihanna had a packed day with the launch of Tidal, she still made it a priority to be supportive of her friend and that speaks to her character. We all know girls can be a little catty at times but true friends are hard to find. I'm sure she knows that all to well being in the shady entertainment industry. It seems that she has a pretty solid core group of friends who support her and she returns the favor. I love a good girl power story!
Check out the site: Melissa Forde line


Black Girls Rock 2015

Also in NJ this past weekend was Black Girls Rock (BGR) in Newark at the NJ PAC. My teenage daughter and I attended this show last year courtesy of my sister-in law and it was a great time with great performers. This year was exceptionally awesome because the FLOTUS attended and presented and she most definitely ROCKS! There were tons and I mean tons of secret service and police around this place on Saturday! It was shut down for blocks and blocks. That has to be hard to just not be able to get up  and go. Anyway... I love it!

Get IT Mrs. Obama!!!! I love her!

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Monday comedy!!!

Hey loves! Happy Monday! You know I love comedy and laughter so my weekend was full of it. Comedy that is. LOL
I saw a comedian this weekend at a comedy club near my home that I thought I would enjoy but turns out it was just something to do. The comedian Rich Vos was okay. Prior to me going I looked him up and found his performance from Def Comedy Jam a few years back and he was funny so I thought I would enjoy his show. Well it seems like life has beat him down a bit.You know how people just seem grumpy funny instead of deliberately comical?


Favorite brands... deep discount!

Everyone loves a great sale but do you shop outlet stores? Have you ventured to an outlet mall in search of a great find only to see the stuff you're not really interested in? Actually New Jersey is full of outlet malls which seem to be packed but I've learned to stay away from them because I rarely find great deals unless you know what to look for. Also a hint to the change is the naming. These stores are rarely called outlets anymore but have adopted the factory store label instead. 
 Let me explain a bit further on the flip. 


Afternoon funny!


Dinner Date with you!

If you're familiar with the blog the. You know occasionally, I like to cook for you and share recipes so I made you dinner. LOL... Well I made dinner and hopefully one day you'll use the recipe and think of me so we'll have a virtual dinner date so to speak. 

I made the recipe using bay scallops and shrimp but you can use either the scallops or the shrimp. Or you may want to go vegan and skip the seafood all together. You'll notice I use zucchini a lot in my recipes because they're healthy, hearty enough in texture to be filling and they're available all year in the grocery stores which is excellent, They also last a while in the fridge so you wont need to use them right away after purchasing them which tends to happen when I plan out meals for the week. I intend to cook something on a certain day and it doesn't happen. I actually like to cook multiple meals on a Sunday and keep them in the fridge for those days when I don't feel like cooking or I don't have the time to do extensive cooking. It really frees up my nights when I get home because I commute 2 hours a day and cooking is the last thing I want to do most weekdays. 


Morning funny!

Heyyy! Happy Wednesday loves. I had to give you some hump day funnies.



Are you happy with your spouse?  Were you a Sex and the City fan? If so were you happy when you got to see Carrie finally snagging  and marrying Mr. Big getting her happy ending? I bet you were content with that happy ending of your favorite show until they premiered the movie which detailed how life had settled in for Carrie and like the rest of the married population her life became routine with the settled in lifestyle that marriage brings. They had to put the spin on it though to keep you entertained with the movie so they brought back an old flame and re-enters a old love interest who seems happily married and she debates cheating but that's all entertainment right? But what happen to her happy ending? Why couldn't she be content and happy with her wealthy hot guy that eluded her for what like 7 seasons?  Well that my friend is because there is no perfect mate and no matter what you tell yourself, you will settle some how. I bet some of you are in doubt and totally disagreeing with what I'm saying right now. Noooo... not you, you're telling yourself that you will never settle or you have not settled. Okay... let's break this down some.



Men's Wear

Men's wear street fashion courtesy of Tommy Ton. I rarely post for my men and I didn't want you guys feeling neglected so I've compiled a few pictures of awesome fashion from the European fashion week for Fall 2015. Hopefully you enjoy it. The looks are awesome!

THIS is my favorite! There is something soooo sexy about a man with a rough exterior but a polished looked.

Morning Funny!

Have a great week everyone!


Beyonce fans get ready...

Great news for Beyonce fans. She's currently working with Giuseppe Zanotti and her personal stylist to debut a shoe. Yes singular! One damn show but I'm sure it will be a prized possession for those shoe loving Beyonce fans willing to shell out the money. No design specs have been released yet but according to an interview that Giuseppe did with Forbes the shoe is planned to be released within a 2 week timeline so get your credit cards ready because I'm absolutely sure that they'll cost you a pretty penny as Giuseppe's prices start at $595.00 for a classic pump. So will you be adding this mystery shops to your collection?

Let's take a look at some of the Spring\Summer 2015 Giuseppe collection to get a clue on his personal preference in design style this season. If he remains consistent, then he won't stray from his overall core concept too much. The good news is we won't have long to wait.

Beats by Dre... literally!

Michel'le was on the radio here in NY and for those who may not know who she is, she had a popular song in the 1990's but most famously, she's known as the ex-wife of both Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. She also has children with both men and for those familiar with hip hop, that rivalry runs deep so it is definitely scandalous situation or at least it was. Michel'le who you can catch on the show R&B Divas went into detail on the Breakfast Club interview about the abuse she endured from both men and a few details about an upcoming book she's releasing. I'm sure that book will be juicy and I would definitely purchase it for my own curiosity because I'm a hip hop fan but what I found most interesting during the interview was that she seemed a little cavalier about the situation of domestic abuse and I think that they missed a perfect opportunity to really speak up against domestic abuse. Michel'le is still a beautiful woman and has always been a beautiful woman but she seems a bit... NAIVE and seems to suffer from low self esteem or at least did suffer from low self esteem.

Let me explain why I said that and listen to the full interview on the flip side.


Empire Season Finale Review

I'm sure you watched the season finale of Empire or you wouldn't have clicked on this post so what did you think? Did you love it do you have mixed feelings? I personally had mixed feelings about the unnecessary scenes to drag out the show for 2 hours. I feel that it could have been better! I thought the fight scene was unnecessary and extra fake. It was like they through that in there to stir up the drama but it would have been better suited in the episode where Cookie walked in on them and confronted Anika about her affiliation with Beretti. But overall I like the show and I watched the 2 hour special but I would prefer for it not to be on FOX but that's an entirely different post.


Oil Method for Cleansing Skin

So I've been reading up on the oil method to cleanse your skin, primarily the use of oil to cleanse the face and to keep your skin youthful and glowing naturally without the use of chemicals. I'm just starting out on the journey but is it really the best option? Well... I'm going to try it for 60 days and let you all know my results. I'm prone to acne and supposedly the use of natural oils will not irritate my skin and should actually clear any acne. 

2015 Trend... Jumpsuits

If you're shopping for Spring 2015 then one thing you'll notice a lot of this season is the jumpsuit / romper look and I have mixed emotions about this trend. The romper in theory looks nice on a model sized person but if you're anywhere near over a size 6, this trend will take some skilled shopping and accessorizing to actually pull together. I'm not saying that the look cannot be done by anyone above a size 6. I'm just saying that it needs to be the right material and accessorized with the right elements to fit your stature correctly and to be a powerful staple in your wardrobe. 

Let's brake it down a bit more in detail. If you're thin, then you're able to get away with the full pant romper in a thin material. It's loose and airy so it's designed to be flowey around you and hopefully cinch at the waist. If it doesn't cinch at the waist then it's not really playing up your figure and can come off looking a bit industrialized. Although there are a few jumpsuits that cater to the mechanics look and can be a real winner if worn appropriately. 

Here we have the mechanics looking jumpsuit that has a stiffer look to it and comes off well because the model has it open and it has cinched waist. If accessorized with a nice gold tone bracelets and the right heel, this can be a really cute look for summer. 


Playboy features Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks... how can I sum her up for those of you who are unfamiliar with her? Loud and raw would be best but I really like this girl! Granted... she's young and a bit naive but she's only 23 years old and at that age most people are young dumb and full of ____! So I've heard (LOL)! I was a know it all 23 year old at one point in time too so I definitely can relate to her attitude and her fire. Despite all of her Twitter antics and candid remarks, I love her music and she is a musician for profit last I checked. I purchased her entire album on ITunes and that's something I rarely do. Normally I pick and choose only the tracks that I like and that's rarely an entire album but Broke with Expensive Taste is truly a great body of work. I may have been biased too because I actually liked some of her bold Twitter outburst. If not anything she's comical and candid and I love it! 

Halle's Lingerie!

Were you aware that Halle Berry recently launched her own lingerie line labeled Scandale? It hasn't had much press because she has a partnership directly selling the line with Target and can be purchased now online or in Target stores. The line is reasonably priced lingerie for everyday wear and can be purchased for $7 - $25.00. There has been other celebrity to start a lingerie line in recent past. Halle has joined the ranks of other actresses such as Penelope Cruz who partnered with Agent Provocateur to launch her line in 2013.

Halle's line of intimate apparel is designed to be sexy but worn by women for daily usage and as a women, there is a difference between special occasion and your average underwear set. Some lingerie is not meant to be worn for hours straight but you have to be a woman to understand those issues.

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Nip + Fab names Jenner Brand Ambassador

Happy Monday BFF's! Well seems to be Rihanna wasn't the only famous girl to snag a brand ambassador role from abroad. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner girl Kylie has also nabbed a role as brand ambassador for U.K. brand Nip +Fab. To be honest I've never heard of the brand but what I do know is that the Kardashian brand itself is internationally known so why not? You've got to hand it to them, this family knows how to stay relevant and winning. Who wouldn't want a check right?
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Rihanna and Dior

I loved hearing that Rihanna will be the new face of Dior for their upcoming ads because I love Rihanna and her fashion sense but I only "like" the Dior brand. It's not on my favorites brands as I think it lacks the edge and stays a bit too conservative for a couture brand. I feel that it's lost its luster for flare in recent years and to remain relevant with consumers, you must create a cult following to keep the brand current. Dior as a brand will benefit the most from it's association with Rihanna due to her young diverse fan base and the fashion presence that she's built for herself via her own social media. Let's face it... the kids love Rihanna! Partnering with Dior as the latest brand ambassador, she join the ranks of other young celebrities who have recently been branded ambassadors of Dior such as Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman, But when comparing the ladies presence on social media you'll quickly notice that unlike Rihanna who has over 16 million Instagram followers, the previous brand ambassadors combined have no where near the same online following and social media presence that Rihanna can bring to the brand and social media campaigns are a huge part of brand marketing. One picture alone featuring the designs of any brand is worth money and equates to an increase in sales and profit for the brand. Even the announcement itself has brought awareness and conversation about the brand and they haven't even taken one promotional picture yet and that in itself is due to the buzz and following that Rihanna has built for herself. She's is one of those celebrities who has cross over appeal and is looked at as a style icon in her own right and that is a huge deal for any brand seeking to increase profit. This partnership is exactly what the brand needs to help build it's consumer base to a new generation and I hope Rihanna received a huge check for it because she definitely brings it!

Let's take a look at some of Dior's 2015 collection.


Spring 2015 HOT Trend

Here we go BFF family... it's getting warm outside and the fashion game is changing. There are plenty of styles that have been repeating year to year but there always seem to be a new "revision and twist" to the more current version which makes you want to trade your old stuff in. Marketing companies know this and play on your feelings and urges to buy. For those of you with similar thoughts patterns to myself then you'll know that things were constructed better years ago and you may even see a noticeable difference between merchandise made a two years ago versus the stuff you're seeing on shelves now. Companies are always looking for a way to cut corners and save so my advise to you would be to keep your money and refreshing your own garments with your signature flare.

Let's take camouflage as it's is going to be big again this Spring/Summer. Best option is to either go thrift shopping to find old great quality garments that we're able to make new revisions to or get out your own older, better constructed garments and add insignia and embellishment. It's rather easy and quick to do so I'll get you started on where and what to look for when searching.

We have two really great embellished fatigue jackets that would cost you thousands of dollars if you were to purchase straight off the rack. The jacket itself is basic but the embellishments are what make you look in envy and that is what drives up the cost.You're paying to be different! We'll be making our own $1000 jacket with no more the $30 in add-ons. 

Take a look after the break

Paris Fashion Week

I'm not a Zoolander fan but I love how fashion week incorporated a bit of entertainment along with the fashion. It adds to the allure and the characters created with fashion while doing a bit of PR for the movie release which is scheduled for release in upcoming months.
The surprise appearance featured was debuted at the Valentino runway show and had rave reviews even with Anna making the stunt cute, fun and big on the gossip front. A big win for Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller! Loved it!!!


Mascara review

I have a ton of mascara which range in prices but I recently tried the Illegal Length Fiber Extensions and I loved it! I actually compared this $7.00 brand to my Definicils Lancome mascara which cost $27.50 and I found that I preferred the Illegal Length Fiber Extension when comparing the thickness of my eyelashes. The Maybelline Illegal Length noticeably gave my eyelashes more density which makes the lashes appear fuller. I've attached 2 pictures below to show my results. The only downside that I noticed with the Illegal Length was that it was a bit heavier but I believe that it's designed to be heavier to apply the particles to enhance the appearance with the "fibers". Neither of which gave me the same effect as lash extensions but that was to be expected. I also must note that I didn't use any eyelash curler or any other tool or makeup when applying and the difference, in my opinion is extremely obvious. 

Also I must add that eyelash extensions work wonders on the eye and if you do decide to get them done, you won't need any mascara. They also last until your eyelashes fall out which can be a few weeks. I wouldn't suggest getting them done regularly but  I do suggest getting them at least twice in the summer or if you have an event. I mentioned the summer because you'll get the most exposure out of the wear being that we all tend to do more outdoor activities and socializing during the summer months. Why not give the people a dramatic eye in the process. They'll think they are your own lashes because they can look very real and can really make a powerful statement with little make-up needed. If you're more of a natural girl, eyelash extensions can work wonders. Believe me... you'll definitely notice a difference. Everyone around you will as well. 

Flip the page to see the comparison on my eyes. 


lace up sandals anyone???

Ohhh my how I long for the warmer weather. I cannot wait to break in a few new purchases and get a fresh pedi for the shoes this coming Spring, I'm especially in love with all things lace up. Lace up styles go with everything! You can wear them with jeans, a skirt, or a dress and really add some sex appeal to your feet and there are quite a few deals out there so I've tracked down a few lace up styles that wont break the bank. Let's take a look.

Make Old Furniture NEW!

If you read this blog often, then you know I'm a D.I.Y. type of girl! My husband would not always agree with my DIY projects but I certainly enjoy saving money and I feel a real sense of accomplishment when the project is a successful one. This weekend I took on a special project with my headboard. My bed isn't that old and the wood craftsmanship is great but I had a problem with the leather on the actual headboard. The leather started peeling after my daughter started climbing on it making it her own personal rock climbing wall (minus the rocks). She has since grown out of it but the leather didn't fare so well and has gaps in it from her little toe nails so it was time to change it up. I didn't think that I would do well re-upholstering it with leather so I chose a nice thick velour feel fabric in a neutral color. I originally ordered a few swatches for upholstery from Fabric.com and I'm glad I did that crucial step prior to just buying fabric without testing different styles first. I was able to order the swatches in different color schemes and from those swatches I was able to gauge the best fit for me. I needed a thick fabric and I wanted it to be neutral enough for it to transition with any new bed sets or decor that I may add. I also wanted to make sure that I had left over fabric so that I can make a few throw pillows which I haven't done yet but will soon tackle.

This is my newly re-upholstered headboard with my big growing 5 year old who loved the change on mommy's bed. I'll upload more pictures after I've completed the pillow. I plan on making it a long bolster pillow but it may be easiest to make 2 medium square pillows. Either way I'll post updated photos.


In Search of Healthier Hair?

Happy day light savings people! You know what that means... SPRING is here almost! I can feel it in the weather. Subtle changes with slightly warmer temperatures have me all types of excited and I have been cooking light and taking my vitamins in preparation. Actually I've been taking my vitamins all winter for my hair and I can honestly says that my hair is the healthiest it's ever been. It's shiny with no split ends and it's been behaving well with the harsh winter we've had. I've actually had two separate hair stylist say that I had a nice head of hair, their words not mine (LOL) and I can actually see it. My husband has noticed too. It's growing and healthy despite the color that I have in it and believe me that is a huge accomplishment! I do have a little secret weapon though and I think that it's helped me tremendously with the healthiness. It's a combination of vitamins one is Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair vitamin with advanced MSM formula and a Solgar Biotin vitamin once each day. I even switched the dosage to every two days now. 

A little history on my vitamin hunt.. I originally started taking Hairfinity because I've heard wonders about it but they're a bit expensive and if you read the label you'll notice for yourself that the main ingredient is Biotin so I don't need to pay an excessive amount for a multiple vitamin with extreme amounts of Biotin. I can take a multiple vitamin on my own and add Biotin and that's exactly what I did saving myself some money along the way for more shoes! 


Old Bags? Renew them!

Do you have an old bag that may damaged due to stains or are you just tired of the same old look? You know we love a good rehab job and your bags shouldn't be any different. With all of the art and craft stores, the possibilities of turning old to new are endless.You might even have everything you need to do a spruce up. If you're not fully ready to retire your bag let's get a few cheap accessories to make a powerful statement piece specific to your unique style. Or you may just want to make your regular everyday bag pop and standout among the average? If that's you then we've got a cheap quick tip to help you out. Invest in a few patches, get some glue and get to work. Take a look at the below inspiration for some help and let us know how yours turn out. I'm currently working on a fabric clutch that I purchased for $20 but I've somehow spilled something on it before I could even get any usage out of it so I've taken an old necklace that was also damaged and combining the two. It beats throwing them away and together they will make give me a statement piece with a WOW factor.

Naeem Khan NY Fashion

If you visit the site frequently then you'll know that I love a brand with versatility. I also like to feature designers with roots in NYC just because I know that fashion originally rooted in NYC get a lot of creative concepts and design inspiration from the style seen on the streets of the city. There is so much talent and homegrown uniqueness from the average individual that it's hard not to notice and even harder not to be inspired.  Naeem Khan and his designs completely embody the pulse of the city. Khans designs range from high couture street inspired style with flare to red-carpet ready nights with his evening dresses and ball gowns. With Spring only days away let's get inspired for the warmer weather while taking a look at Khan's 2015 Spring season collection.


Perfect Gladiator

Pulling off a look with gladiator sandals is a difficult task. Not all gladiator sandals look well despite what the local stores stock on their shelves. Most people buy gladiators thinking that they're being different but not many can actually pull off this look so we'll break down the gladiator trend together comparing what's out there so that you can soar above the masses with your style. Who doesn't love to see a well put together fashionista and if you think that people aren't watching you or sizing up what you're wearing think again! Everyone is a critic these days in the era of the perfect selfie. Why do you think so pictures get hundreds of likes while others fall sort? Its all in the execution. So let's deliver flawlessness!

Oh and please don't forget to share your boost in confidence when you have received complements from style help that you learned here. I love to hear those stories. My daughter tests out my style advise all the time amongst her travels and when she comes home excited telling me of all the complements she received due to an outfit that I helped her with it makes my day! She is also one of the best dressed in her school and she knows because people tell her. You too can be one of the best dressed with minimal effort. It doesn't cost a lot to look fabulous! Again... it's all in the execution! Ok enough of my chatting.. Let's get to the gladiators.