Powerball Scandal

Are  you playing the Powerball? If you're in a state that has it then I'm sure you're tempted to join in someone's pool or play yourself in the hopes that you win the $1.5 Billion dollar jackpot.

With that said have you heard about Powerball's recent scandal? I'm sure you haven't because I sure didn't see anything on the news about the PowerBall executive who rigged the game and stole: (click here for the story: Powerball Scandal). This is definitely news worthy but I didn't see any coverage on it.  In my opinion there is no coincidence that the jackpot is the largest it's ever been which happen to overshadow and quiet down the noise that a scandal would have brought. The realization of the fact that the numbers may not be so random could potentially cause people to stop playing and could possibly bankrupt the organization. So how else do you overshadow that news? By giving people hope that they could potentially be BILLIONAIRES! Did you read the link??? It's not a sensationalized news source. It's the NY Daily News reporting it and it's the only news that I've seen about it. Crazy right?

I'm not here to be the Grinch who stole lottery hope because even with this knowledge the hope is not lost on me. I'm the organizer of the lottery pool in my department because like the saying goes... you never know. I play my $5 with hopes like everyone else that we'll win. If I do win, then I'm building a community of circular homes like the one below. Possibly a building with condos (still circular) with green house rooms to grow vegetation. I have a whole idea in my head of a community that lives off of their land and teaches the community kids to love the earth and humanity while teaching them to grow their own.