Zendaya vs Giuliana?

If you're not a mother of a Disney watching kid then most likely you're unfamiliar with upcoming star Zendaya Coleman. She stars on the hit Disney show K.C. Undercover which is always on in my house thanks to my 5 year old. She like other celebrities made appearances at this years Oscars and I so loved her look. In my opinion, she was the best dressed there and had a serious glow to her. In teenage terms "she done glowed up"! LOL That little jewel is one of the terms I learned from my 16 year old who constantly shows me pictures which transition her progress from 13-16 which should be a highly concentrated "GLOW" phase! But believe me... she's glowing and so was Zendaya on that day in that dress and with that hair. Take a look for yourself.

Now... with the "who" covered there was a comment made by Giuliana Rancic who reviews fashion on The Fashion Police that was very OUT OF POCKET! She stated on her co-hosted show that Zendaya's hair looked as though it smelled of weed or oil which she thought would get a chuckle at most but came off offensive. Just to be clear, it's the same offensiveness that she takes when people say she's anorexic! It was stupid and offensive comment. Not to mention the comment was made towards a 18 year old girl!

Never the less Zendaya's come back was epic, elegant and perfectly worded to put "haters" in check. LOVED IT!  What's your thoughts? 

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