Fashion Gems!!!!

Do you ever grow tired of the basic fashion that is in my opinion forced on you and flooded on the floors of your big box retailers? I know that I often find myself thinking that I want something different. But the question is where do I find different?   So that got me thinking about the names we don't see on a regular basis. There are plenty of talented designers who aren't given their just due and aren't featured in every big name fashion magazine because let's face facts... big designers have fatter pockets and magazines are in it for the money. For a fresh take on things we have to take measures into our own hands, the fashion lovers of the world to help spread the word.

Close to my heart is the NYC fashion scene. I love it! I especially love finding out about home grown talent and seeing the creativity of the small fish in the big pond. It's like finding a gem among rocks.
Let's check out a few of these "gems" and hopefully you like them too.

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs- These ladies burst on the scene in 2008 and have been burning a blaze in the fashion world ever since.
The designers

2015 Collection

I haven't forgotten about menswear designers and there are a few to feature. Let's start with Andrew Nowell. I love the blend of varying textures used in the designs. 

Public School Clothing with designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow.

Tracy Reese who is one of the more established brand. Although she is not so new to scene, I personally love her dresses but I'm not the only one because her designs have been seen on plenty of celebrities and are currently sold in high end retailer Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor to name a few. 

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