Addicted to Empire

I cannot be the only one addicted to Empire. The show is full of drama and so extra but I LOVE it! I don't necessarily find that it's telling of the music industry itself but it does touch on topics that are extremely relatable to real life issues and scenarios that impact us all. Favoritism and sibling jealousy, the need to be loved and fully accepted by your parents, love issues, and health issues are all things that impact us all in some way or another so it's no wonder there is a huge Twitter dialog occurring during the airing of this show. That's comical too... think about it. You're watching a show and sharing in your experiences in real time with total strangers. It's amazing how technology connects us to people. Anyway... that's another topic but back to the show. I think it's safe to say the most loved character of the show is Cookie. WE all know a Cookie to some degree and we all have a bit of Cookie within ourselves. Let's get into it shall we?

YES... read me? 

Cookie, Cookie... Cookie! We've ALL been Cookie at some point or another. 

If you're a mother then you know as a mother you have a certain weakness when it comes to your children. We can give them HELL all day but when you see your babies vulnerable, it's instant softness. When they're hurting, as a mother we want to protect them and nurture them but on the same token, if they cross the line, you will address it and you definitely see the bullshit from a mile away when it comes to people trying to influence YOUR baby. She straight saw the BS when they were walking in the door! 

You handle your business like a BOSS even when you're not the boss on paper. You know how and when to keep it professional and when someone steps out of line, as a woman, you know how to address it correctly. There is a time and a place for everything and although at times, people will come for you, a woman who is sure about her craft (whatever the craft is) knows how to blaze her own path. There will be times when people try to block you and not everyone has your best interest at heart so you watch, plot and keep delivering your best despite the obstacles. If you stay focused on your goal and manage your emotions you'll rise to the top . It's an internal drive that keeps you going if you're really passionate about something. WORK! 

LOVE is an entirely different animal and there will be times when we cannot control every situation. This is so true when it boils down to who we fall in love with. Women can be so focused at times but when it comes to love, we'll rationalize the hell out of the wrong situation. As much as I can relate to this love triangle and mixed bag of emotions when dealing with an ex or current lover, we must know when enough is enough. We as women are very intuitive by nature and we must be able to listen more to our internal intuitions about people and experiences. We want to see Cookie back with her man and heading her family but that man doesn't deserve her and although we sit hoping for her victory in love, we know it's not right. Take that same rationalization into our personal lives and make sure when selecting a mate, we select the person who makes you a priority and has your best interest at heart. A man can be focused and driven but if he's the right one for you, he'll make sure that he doesn't belittle you in the process of obtaining his goals. 

Lastly you know you're sexy! You know you're curves matter and you know when to show them. When you mix your confidence and sexiness together (despite our vulnerabilities) you show up and show out! Empower yourself as a women and get in touch more with your inner sexy self. Buy lingerie even if it's to look at yourself in the mirror so that you know, when you use it, they'll see that confidence too because it is all in the deliverance mama. You own it so you serve it. 

Let me know your favorite #CookieEmpire moment? Let's keep this dialog going after all our favorite shows. You know we're good for chat. 

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