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Happy Tuesday!!! I'm not sure if the weather is adding to it but I swear I feel like this Office Space Gif. Anyway you guys make me happy when we chat so let's get our chat on. 

I recently colored my hair  so I decided to share how to color your hair without all the damage if you're a color junkie like me. I so LOVE color but when you visit a salon the first thing they tend to say is "ohhh you have some breakage due to this coloring" and that is not always the case. I personally have a week spot in the crown of my hair which I've seen countless dermatologist for and they've always said the same thing "it's hereditary". My mother has it as well as my two daughters. It's a spot that I tend to scratch and pick so it gets weak in that spot so I keep a layered cut to camouflage the spot in my hair. This doesn't bother me though because I'm obsessed with a Bob cut! I've loved Bobs since high school and I've also loved color. There are ways to naturally lighten your hair which can be used without damaging the hair. Let's explore shall we?

Cinnamon which is a product that you most likely have in your pantry can be used to naturally lighten hair. It contains peroxide so it's pretty quick at lightening the hair. I suggest getting pure cinnamon sticks and grinding it or use a grater and mix it with your conditioner to make it pasty and slather it on your damp hair. Being that cinnamon is natural it can't be over used but if you apply to little it will not be potent enough. After you've applied the paste to hair cover with a shower cap and let it sit for a few hours (remember it's natural so you'll need to let it work slowly). 

Honey like cinnamon, also contains peroxide naturally, and is often used as a natural way to lighten people’s hair. Mix 1 cup of raw, uncooked honey with 2 cups of distilled water, a tablespoon of cinnamon, and a tablespoon of olive oil and apply the mixture to damp hair with a brush or a comb (for even distribution), wrap your hair in saran wrap and sleep on it. Wash your hair a few times to get the mixture completely out of your hair in the morning and style as usual. Not only will you see that your hair is lighter, but it will also be extremely soft & healthy.

Finally there is Henna which is natural but debatable in it's results. Some say it makes their hair too dry afterwards and others have great results. There is also reports that it causes cancer but doesn't everything. I say that but I'm scary and refuse to use it again but I have tried Henna in the past and it worked without drying. Honestly I try everything which isn't always a good thing. Also for my black girls using a natural method to lighten your hair must be repeated occasionally and you'll have gradual results instead of instant results but gradual results beat damaged hair any day right? 

I've also tried peroxide directly but that did damage my hair so I wouldn't suggest direct peroxide. It made my hair excessively brittle and dry like color from a box and believe me when I say my hair can withstand a lot with all the things that I've tried. With that said... hopefully this post helps you color. 

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