Grammy 2015 anticipation

Hi loves. So tonight is Grammy 2015 and as we speak all of your favorite stars are prepping and primping for their camera time which leads me to ask you guys.. will you be watching? I generally like watching the red-carpet event but I tend to skip the entire show because award shows are normally to long and filled with so much fluff. Besides, the internet will be flooded the following day with recaps of all the good performances and I have Youtube for all the highlights. But the one thing you'll be sure to see from me tomorrow is a recap of all the fashion winners (at least in my opinion). I cannot pass on a flawless fashion execution so I'm excited to see all the fashion hits and misses. Make sure you tune back in tomorrow so we can dissect it all together. I'll just do a quick recap here on the site but I'll try to feature all the fashion on the Urban Black Village Google+ Community be sure to check them both. 

One person who's excited I see is Sam Smith well at least according to his Instagram. I feel him though.. who wouldn't be excited to be seated near Rihanna. I'm sure she'll be one of our fashion features as she always aims to please and usually can do no wrong in my eyes with her fashion game.
Musically too! She's keeps it all fun and from the looks of it Sam cannot wait for them to have fun together with an enjoyable night of laughs I'm sure. See you all tomorrow!

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