Rihanna and Leonardo

So Rihanna celebrated her birthday and was thrown a surprise party by people close to her. One of which was Leonardo Dicaprio. Well it seems as though the rumors are true of their love tryst but I'm not mad at it in the least. They're both rich and successful but it's the little things such as age that makes me wonder if this would really work out. He's 40 and she just turned 27 which makes him 13 years older than her and that's a huge difference. Usually, people with that much difference in their age don't have much in common outside of the bedroom but I guess that may change due to their lifestyles. They may better suited for each other because they can understand and appreciate each others hectic schedules. They were also rumored to have spent Valentine's Day together. Well again... I like the two of them together.I think they're both HOT!  What's your opinion?

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