Grammy 2015 Fashion

As promised we've compiled the list of some of the best and worst dressed at the 2015 Grammy awards. There was definitely plenty see and chat about in the fashion game and with the night being one of the biggest for artist we were expecting more glam but I wasn't feeling it this year.

Make sure you check out Urban Black Village our Google+ community tomorrow for all the fashion from the evening for both men and women. Now lets begin.

Kim K. - I actually loved this sexy look. Definitely my favorite from the night.

Rihanna - SMH... sorry.... I didn't like this look at all and I was banking on Rhi to kill it at the Grammys but nope! This is actually the worst dress to me. It's alright Rhi... you win some and you lose some.

Taylor Swift - Definitely a winner in the fashion arena. I'm loving her look here.

Beyonce- She played it safe with the black but still I loved the dress. Simple yet sexy.

Nicki Minaj- I thought this look was okay. I prefer no tattoos when wearing a dress (there is make-up for that) but hey I guess. Also I wasn't feeling the hair but overall the look was still okay.

Madonna- NOPE!  I mean she doesn't need to dress conservatively but why must we always need a costume? This is what we call reaching!

Lady Gaga actually strayed away from the costumes and I think she looks great! I don't typically like the grey haired trend but with this dress its flawless. Definitely a hit!

Rita Ora- Keeping with the gray haired trend we have Rita who I feel looked good too. A bit to covered up but still nice.

Gwen Stefani- This look wasn't a fav but it's Gwen and she's known for left fielders. What do you think of this look?

Who was your favorite?

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