Do you love the matte nail look?

Happy Monday ladies. There has been a recent trend of matte nails and although I've tried it, I'm not necessarily "in love" with the look. I personally used the matte top coat by Essie and I feel that my manicure didn't last as long as it normally would but I do like the look. I tried both the black look and the burgundy and I will try to blue when the weather warms a little.

As usual I have to share a few pictures for you ladies to try. Let me know how it works for you and if you used the top coat to make your nails matte or if you use matte nail polish.

I also like incorporating this top coat on the tips of my nails because it really does make the manicure last forever. Even removing this takes a bit of effort. Plus I always get compliments when I use this and I always do my manicures myself. With the products available today it's easy to get to pretty nails doing them yourself.

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