Faces of the Future

I am not good at applying eye shadow but I love how it can transform the face. I've even tried the step by step tutorials but it came out very different from the pictures and I don't have the time to try to perfect the craft so if needed I will pay for it. That's why we have make-up artist right? To give us those exceptional looks at those times when needed in life. If you're like me then you stick with the basic colors and eyeliner but what can we expect in the future for make-up? If you think it's hard applying the basic colors then you're going to really need a make-up artist in the future because make-up is going neon! Although it's going to take some time to perfect for the average girl, it doesn't hurt to get inspiration from those who are doing it now.

This is the future of makeup! And although its not for everyday use, it definitely make a powerful statement. Let's explore more...

Artist have used the trend subtly to make a statement during videos and photo shoots like Kelly and Rihanna.  

We also have been seeing more neon hair and when mixed with neon make-up it really packs a wow factor when done right. 

The neon trend is popular for nails too.

So what do you think??? Will you be trying it?  

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