Want to be a Self Made Millionaire?

"We're all self made but only the successful admit it!"

The validity of this statement should resonate with us all but truth is very little of us realize how we impact our own lives and our own achievements. Self enrichment is a constant goal of many and it's normally not even perceived and an attempt to enhance ourselves. How many times have you said you would attempt to eat healthier or attempted to start an exercise regime but fell short of those goals? Even during the end of the year we set new goals and label them resolutions but very few of us stick with our attempts to make ourselves even slightly better than our current selves and we continue the path we're currently on fully aware that we're not living up to our best potential.

I'm here to tell you that we cannot continue doing the same thing and thinking we'll achieve better results. It just isn't going to happen. 2+2 will always equal 4 and you doing the same thing will always produce the same output. So what can you do to make minor shifts that can potentially lead to a better even richer you? I have a list that we must adhere to in our daily lives and it's incredibly simple. It doesn't require much to achieve phenomenal results. We see people everyday who have made these same subtle changes and some, like the designers that I featured in the earlier post are no different than you. They just had a different goal and they choose to take steps to realize them.

Minor Change #1:
Change your attitude! It's so very simple that it seems crazy but it really works. Personal story of mine is that I have a family member who I raised for the most part and the one thing that I've expressed to her time and time again, is that her attitude sucked. YES, at times we are unable to change the things that have happen to us in our lives but we can definitely change the way we react to them.

Take your work environment as an example. Do you have a co-worker who complains, argues, they may be a bit combative or maybe it's that they aren't "friendly" but they're work is fine? It's their attitude that holds them back. I don't know anyone who goes into work because they enjoy working for other people. We're all going in to a job for the same reason and that's to get a pay check. The people at that job are the one factor which makes it tolerable or unbearable but that main factor remains and that's the people and their attitudes impact your day the most. With that said, make sure that your attitude is always cheerful, non combative and professional and believe me people will notice. I'm not saying it will always be an easy task but it's a must even in your personal lives. The way you react to situations is your one defining factor that will make you excel or hold you back.

Minor Change #2:
Think outside of the box! You don't have to cure cancer to become rich. You don't need to invent the next Google either but what you could do is notice and I mean really pay attention to the things around you and think of how you can enhance on them. Have you ever traveled to another state entirely to visit another city and realized that you could live there because it looks exactly like where you live? The people may be different but the place itself is no different from anywhere else. You have your big box retailers, your normal staples like grocery stores, coffee places, diners and so on but it's all the same. It's because no one has yet to decide that they will add value to the existing designs! The unique WOW factor may be all it requires to gain an edge and draw in people. Update what exist... enhance! Your cell phone functionally remains the same but the designs change every few months.

Minor Change #3:
Do the actual work to get it! If you're a religious person you are probably familiar with the saying what GOD created for you is yours. Yes... that may be true but he also intended for you to put forth an effort to get. Isn't that the entire reason why you're living? The progression of this life is an accumulation of experiences and work. When a baby is born, it doesn't know how to walk or stand and must attempt to physically put forth an effort before it reaps the rewards but the rewards do come. Even if it's small steps toward your goal, it's still progress. Do what it takes to get it done.

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