Rihanna and Dior

I loved hearing that Rihanna will be the new face of Dior for their upcoming ads because I love Rihanna and her fashion sense but I only "like" the Dior brand. It's not on my favorites brands as I think it lacks the edge and stays a bit too conservative for a couture brand. I feel that it's lost its luster for flare in recent years and to remain relevant with consumers, you must create a cult following to keep the brand current. Dior as a brand will benefit the most from it's association with Rihanna due to her young diverse fan base and the fashion presence that she's built for herself via her own social media. Let's face it... the kids love Rihanna! Partnering with Dior as the latest brand ambassador, she join the ranks of other young celebrities who have recently been branded ambassadors of Dior such as Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman, But when comparing the ladies presence on social media you'll quickly notice that unlike Rihanna who has over 16 million Instagram followers, the previous brand ambassadors combined have no where near the same online following and social media presence that Rihanna can bring to the brand and social media campaigns are a huge part of brand marketing. One picture alone featuring the designs of any brand is worth money and equates to an increase in sales and profit for the brand. Even the announcement itself has brought awareness and conversation about the brand and they haven't even taken one promotional picture yet and that in itself is due to the buzz and following that Rihanna has built for herself. She's is one of those celebrities who has cross over appeal and is looked at as a style icon in her own right and that is a huge deal for any brand seeking to increase profit. This partnership is exactly what the brand needs to help build it's consumer base to a new generation and I hope Rihanna received a huge check for it because she definitely brings it!

Let's take a look at some of Dior's 2015 collection.

I feel that it lacks edge and its rather basic. The brand and it's bland pieces doesn't quite complement Rihanna's style but her strong personal flare and sense of style can bring out an edgier vibe from its demure collection. I don't think it's bad... it's just lacking a wow factor and below I posted some of the brands more powerful pieces from 2015 because the others were extremely bland and too reserved.

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