Nip + Fab names Jenner Brand Ambassador

Happy Monday BFF's! Well seems to be Rihanna wasn't the only famous girl to snag a brand ambassador role from abroad. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner girl Kylie has also nabbed a role as brand ambassador for U.K. brand Nip +Fab. To be honest I've never heard of the brand but what I do know is that the Kardashian brand itself is internationally known so why not? You've got to hand it to them, this family knows how to stay relevant and winning. Who wouldn't want a check right?
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The campaign was announced this weekend with a competition surrounded around Kylie which featured a live interview with the youngest Jenner girl who is currently 17 years old. What she has done with this partnership is to bring attention to a brand which has very little brand shares outside of it's core demographics in the U.K.. As I stated earlier I've never heard nor seen any of the products of Nip + Fab and I know I'm not alone therefore the latest marketing campaign has already proven successful with their marketing as I'm sure young fans will soon be flocking to find out more about the brand and it's products.

The two Jenner girls also have a partnership with PacSun where they collaborated with the brand launching their own collection of apparel. Not bad for 2 girls under 20.

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