Empire Season Finale Review

I'm sure you watched the season finale of Empire or you wouldn't have clicked on this post so what did you think? Did you love it do you have mixed feelings? I personally had mixed feelings about the unnecessary scenes to drag out the show for 2 hours. I feel that it could have been better! I thought the fight scene was unnecessary and extra fake. It was like they through that in there to stir up the drama but it would have been better suited in the episode where Cookie walked in on them and confronted Anika about her affiliation with Beretti. But overall I like the show and I watched the 2 hour special but I would prefer for it not to be on FOX but that's an entirely different post.

I feel that they are drastically changing Jamal's character too fast. He went from his dad's biggest critic to his dad's biggest supporter in one season when they had him hang Beretti off the balcony. It was too much, too fast! However I like his character and I liked the position he played with Cookie up until this episode. 

I liked how they included Jennifer Hudson's character. I feel that she is the only one they don't overly synthesize when singing! Auto tune is the damn devil and it's refreshing to hear an actual voice instead of T-Pain (auto-tuned version) in every song. My favorite scene for Jenn was when Lucious played her like a fiddle by offering her a deal and a fake "I'm saved speech" I was blown away! Everyone's chasing a damn dollar and a dream!

I loved how Cookie tried to smother Lucious! Who hasn't thought about killing their spouse at one point or another. LOL... Then the hand comes up and he gives her a damn pillow as a present!!!! I was DEAD at this point! OMG. He called her every name they could possibly air in this episode and they were up and down so much, it was comical and I straight loved it!

I hated that they had Hakeem sleep with Anika and then had them working together like they didn't just screw! Where does that EVER happen, even hypothetically? I screwed my dads girlfriend, prospective step-mom and now we're business partners with my real mother and bi-polar brother to take over my dad's business.... OKAY! You've got to give it to them... it is entertainment and it's fullest! 

So enough of my thoughts... what did you think? I'll be watching next season with popcorn in hand waiting to chat with you guys after! Overall a great show. 

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