Dinner Date with you!

If you're familiar with the blog the. You know occasionally, I like to cook for you and share recipes so I made you dinner. LOL... Well I made dinner and hopefully one day you'll use the recipe and think of me so we'll have a virtual dinner date so to speak. 

I made the recipe using bay scallops and shrimp but you can use either the scallops or the shrimp. Or you may want to go vegan and skip the seafood all together. You'll notice I use zucchini a lot in my recipes because they're healthy, hearty enough in texture to be filling and they're available all year in the grocery stores which is excellent, They also last a while in the fridge so you wont need to use them right away after purchasing them which tends to happen when I plan out meals for the week. I intend to cook something on a certain day and it doesn't happen. I actually like to cook multiple meals on a Sunday and keep them in the fridge for those days when I don't feel like cooking or I don't have the time to do extensive cooking. It really frees up my nights when I get home because I commute 2 hours a day and cooking is the last thing I want to do most weekdays. 

Back to the meal I prepared for you. I hope you like it. I added some cumin powder to it because I love the healthy benefits from cumin. I didn't add a lot because cumin is a very potent spice and can strong on a light meal to the point where it can be over whelming so if you add it make sure that it's less then a teaspoon full. 

Zucchini with tomatoes, scallops and shrimp
- Oil Oil
- 1 lb. of scallops or mix scallops and shrimp
- fresh basil leaves (cup full)
- Onion powder (2 tsp)
- garlic powder and minced garlic (1 tbsp.)
- Old Bay seasoning (1 tsp.)
- Thyme
- White cooking wine 
- half of fresh squeezed lemon
- 2 zucchini (green) and 2 zucchini (yellow) peel or keep skin on but washed really well
- 2 Roma tomatoes
- vegetable fettuccine noodles
- teaspoon of butter
- cumin powder 
- optional: cup of grated Parmesan cheese

In a large pan drizzle oil oil and cook your zucchini, tomato, garlic and basil. Add your onion powder, thyme, cumin and Old Bay seasoning while cooking. After cooking mix the two and add Parmesan cheese. 

In a separate pan cook your seafood. I added a teaspoon of butter (because it adds to the taste in my opinion) and olive oil to coat the pan. After frying for 10 minutes or when you notice the meat becoming less transparent, add your white cooking wine and lemon juice. I also added more Old Bay seasoning.  

Major easy, healthy and relatively light. Hopefully you like it! I thought of all of you when I prepared it. 

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