Halle's Lingerie!

Were you aware that Halle Berry recently launched her own lingerie line labeled Scandale? It hasn't had much press because she has a partnership directly selling the line with Target and can be purchased now online or in Target stores. The line is reasonably priced lingerie for everyday wear and can be purchased for $7 - $25.00. There has been other celebrity to start a lingerie line in recent past. Halle has joined the ranks of other actresses such as Penelope Cruz who partnered with Agent Provocateur to launch her line in 2013.

Halle's line of intimate apparel is designed to be sexy but worn by women for daily usage and as a women, there is a difference between special occasion and your average underwear set. Some lingerie is not meant to be worn for hours straight but you have to be a woman to understand those issues.

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If you're not familiar with Penelope's line, it's labeled L'Agent and is more risque in design and a collaborative effort between Penelope and her sister. It's sexy and in my opinion, more of a special occasion lingerie line. Ladies... do you normally walk around with garters? The price point of L'Agent is also more expensive and can range from $35 for underwear to $180 so clearly the two aren't competing for business. It's just two ladies in the same lingerie market who happen to both be successful actresses and are using their personal brand (themselves) to sell lingerie.

Since we're talking about actresses who have successful launched independent brands did you know that Jessica Alba is the co-founder of The Honest Company which trending to be a billion dollar venture for the actress. She's an example of taking your name and success and building other ventures.

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