Make Old Furniture NEW!

If you read this blog often, then you know I'm a D.I.Y. type of girl! My husband would not always agree with my DIY projects but I certainly enjoy saving money and I feel a real sense of accomplishment when the project is a successful one. This weekend I took on a special project with my headboard. My bed isn't that old and the wood craftsmanship is great but I had a problem with the leather on the actual headboard. The leather started peeling after my daughter started climbing on it making it her own personal rock climbing wall (minus the rocks). She has since grown out of it but the leather didn't fare so well and has gaps in it from her little toe nails so it was time to change it up. I didn't think that I would do well re-upholstering it with leather so I chose a nice thick velour feel fabric in a neutral color. I originally ordered a few swatches for upholstery from Fabric.com and I'm glad I did that crucial step prior to just buying fabric without testing different styles first. I was able to order the swatches in different color schemes and from those swatches I was able to gauge the best fit for me. I needed a thick fabric and I wanted it to be neutral enough for it to transition with any new bed sets or decor that I may add. I also wanted to make sure that I had left over fabric so that I can make a few throw pillows which I haven't done yet but will soon tackle.

This is my newly re-upholstered headboard with my big growing 5 year old who loved the change on mommy's bed. I'll upload more pictures after I've completed the pillow. I plan on making it a long bolster pillow but it may be easiest to make 2 medium square pillows. Either way I'll post updated photos.

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