Mascara review

I have a ton of mascara which range in prices but I recently tried the Illegal Length Fiber Extensions and I loved it! I actually compared this $7.00 brand to my Definicils Lancome mascara which cost $27.50 and I found that I preferred the Illegal Length Fiber Extension when comparing the thickness of my eyelashes. The Maybelline Illegal Length noticeably gave my eyelashes more density which makes the lashes appear fuller. I've attached 2 pictures below to show my results. The only downside that I noticed with the Illegal Length was that it was a bit heavier but I believe that it's designed to be heavier to apply the particles to enhance the appearance with the "fibers". Neither of which gave me the same effect as lash extensions but that was to be expected. I also must note that I didn't use any eyelash curler or any other tool or makeup when applying and the difference, in my opinion is extremely obvious. 

Also I must add that eyelash extensions work wonders on the eye and if you do decide to get them done, you won't need any mascara. They also last until your eyelashes fall out which can be a few weeks. I wouldn't suggest getting them done regularly but  I do suggest getting them at least twice in the summer or if you have an event. I mentioned the summer because you'll get the most exposure out of the wear being that we all tend to do more outdoor activities and socializing during the summer months. Why not give the people a dramatic eye in the process. They'll think they are your own lashes because they can look very real and can really make a powerful statement with little make-up needed. If you're more of a natural girl, eyelash extensions can work wonders. Believe me... you'll definitely notice a difference. Everyone around you will as well. 

Flip the page to see the comparison on my eyes. 

This is my eye with the Maybelline Illegal Length mascara applied. You clearly notice that my lashes appear fuller. 

My lashes with the more expensive Definicils Lancome mascara which isn't as noticeable. 

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