Monday comedy!!!

Hey loves! Happy Monday! You know I love comedy and laughter so my weekend was full of it. Comedy that is. LOL
I saw a comedian this weekend at a comedy club near my home that I thought I would enjoy but turns out it was just something to do. The comedian Rich Vos was okay. Prior to me going I looked him up and found his performance from Def Comedy Jam a few years back and he was funny so I thought I would enjoy his show. Well it seems like life has beat him down a bit.You know how people just seem grumpy funny instead of deliberately comical?

Well his show just seemed like he was a grumpy older man and not necessarily happy good funny. Just a bit of sad angry funny. Hell... I think I'm like that myself (although I'm not old hahaha) and I wouldn't pay to see me tell half ass truth about my life and family. I could have saved my money. Anyway... I paid for the watered down drinks and spent 3 hours waiting for the show to end. The first hour was filled with videos found online that I've seen already. I thought that was a bit odd. Instead of paying for opening acts, they just had funny videos play on multiple screens. That was a first but not surprising because I gather they are trying to cut cost all over the place. Watered down drinks... videos instead of actual people and that absolutely sucked! Rich pretty much talked about how expensive New Jersey is and his neighbors. He also mentioned the weather and how cold it is in NJ or how cold it has been. I live in NJ so there was nothing new or comical about the things we all have thought. Yes.. it's expensive and cold during the winter and our Governor is fat. I get it and I've heard it all already. Then he spent another 30 minutes talking about the people in the audience which was funny and expected as well. Tired and not worth the money.

I also saw HOME the kids movie featuring the voice of Rihanna. That was good! My husband and I took my daughter and a few other kids which I didn't mind because I love Rihanna so if you have any kids, make sure you check it out.

Anyway he was funny back when this was aired. Thought I'd share.

Then I saw this about wedding season. LOL... I thought this was funny! I wonder if people really feel like this to some degree? Weddings can definitely be expensive but I personally enjoy them and I'm not normally a party person. Anyway... thought I would share for a quick laugh.

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