Beats by Dre... literally!

Michel'le was on the radio here in NY and for those who may not know who she is, she had a popular song in the 1990's but most famously, she's known as the ex-wife of both Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. She also has children with both men and for those familiar with hip hop, that rivalry runs deep so it is definitely scandalous situation or at least it was. Michel'le who you can catch on the show R&B Divas went into detail on the Breakfast Club interview about the abuse she endured from both men and a few details about an upcoming book she's releasing. I'm sure that book will be juicy and I would definitely purchase it for my own curiosity because I'm a hip hop fan but what I found most interesting during the interview was that she seemed a little cavalier about the situation of domestic abuse and I think that they missed a perfect opportunity to really speak up against domestic abuse. Michel'le is still a beautiful woman and has always been a beautiful woman but she seems a bit... NAIVE and seems to suffer from low self esteem or at least did suffer from low self esteem.

Let me explain why I said that and listen to the full interview on the flip side.

During this interview she made excuses for the actions of an abusive man when discussing Suge. She said that Suge was a protector and that he wasn't abusive but in the same conversation said he only hit her once and knocked her jaw out of whack and at the exact time described him as strong. WTF???? REALLY??? We can all see that he's physically strong but it was the way she described it. She the described herself as being protected in a castle when discussing her life back then and that too is just not how you describe an abusive situation. You don't compare it to being a princess.  But the big one which came as no surprise to those who have followed the relationship of Michel'le and Dr. Dre and the alleged fights between them. I listened as she detailed having five black eyes, a broken nose and broken rib and I immediately felt sorrow for her and pity for those who were listening but found no solace or message of help from her story. A women who may be going through the exact situation listening to that interview heard that money made everything fine in retrospect and that isn't true. If you're in an abusive situation there are signs and one major indication is the controlling factor. A jealous and overly controlling partner is major characteristics of an abusive partner and there is no consolation prize for abuse. Anyway... if you're interested, I've attached the full interview. 

Happy Friday and happy first day of Spring although it's snowing here for me but better weather is upon us so I'm happy.

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