Old Bags? Renew them!

Do you have an old bag that may damaged due to stains or are you just tired of the same old look? You know we love a good rehab job and your bags shouldn't be any different. With all of the art and craft stores, the possibilities of turning old to new are endless.You might even have everything you need to do a spruce up. If you're not fully ready to retire your bag let's get a few cheap accessories to make a powerful statement piece specific to your unique style. Or you may just want to make your regular everyday bag pop and standout among the average? If that's you then we've got a cheap quick tip to help you out. Invest in a few patches, get some glue and get to work. Take a look at the below inspiration for some help and let us know how yours turn out. I'm currently working on a fabric clutch that I purchased for $20 but I've somehow spilled something on it before I could even get any usage out of it so I've taken an old necklace that was also damaged and combining the two. It beats throwing them away and together they will make give me a statement piece with a WOW factor.

I love the uniqueness of this bag! Here we have a bag that you see just about everywhere and she took it and made it fit her personality and style. Can't beat that!

This is my clutch project. Do you see the stain I'm trying to cover? I'm playing with the placement of the stones and I may enhance the color of the bag a bit too. I'll post the final outcome in another post.  


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