2015 Trend... Jumpsuits

If you're shopping for Spring 2015 then one thing you'll notice a lot of this season is the jumpsuit / romper look and I have mixed emotions about this trend. The romper in theory looks nice on a model sized person but if you're anywhere near over a size 6, this trend will take some skilled shopping and accessorizing to actually pull together. I'm not saying that the look cannot be done by anyone above a size 6. I'm just saying that it needs to be the right material and accessorized with the right elements to fit your stature correctly and to be a powerful staple in your wardrobe. 

Let's brake it down a bit more in detail. If you're thin, then you're able to get away with the full pant romper in a thin material. It's loose and airy so it's designed to be flowey around you and hopefully cinch at the waist. If it doesn't cinch at the waist then it's not really playing up your figure and can come off looking a bit industrialized. Although there are a few jumpsuits that cater to the mechanics look and can be a real winner if worn appropriately. 

Here we have the mechanics looking jumpsuit that has a stiffer look to it and comes off well because the model has it open and it has cinched waist. If accessorized with a nice gold tone bracelets and the right heel, this can be a really cute look for summer. 

Again we have the structured jumper in denim and this look has been flying off shelves. This is Current Elliot brand mechanics jumpsuit and it retails for about $300. Again, it's worn open to soften it up some and it must be accessorized. I also feel that you should be less curvy to pull off this look because it's meant to be loose and not form fitting. Below is a similar look in denim also by Current Elliot worn by Keke Palmer and she also wore the look with unbuttoned with bright pumps and bag to feminize the look. 

Here we have the airy look with a bohemian feel and it works again because it's loose and it works best on shorter frames because it elongates the leg. I have another example of Tracee Ellis Ross who loves the jumpsuit/romper look. She is a bit on the curvy side and I'll choose her to show how the same look can compliment or work against a curvier frame.

The jumpsuit here worn by Tracee Ellis Ross which comes off a bit frumpy on her hippie frame. This look makes her look to bottom heavy and she has an athletic form. 
 Here the jumpsuit is tight and fit Tracee's frame better because it outlines her silhouette. 

I did mention Tracee LOVES the jumpsuit right? LOL... Here she wore a jumpsuit that works well because the pant length is extremely long and wide so it compliments her hips and curves. This look actually works best for curvy girls! So if you're debating the look, I hope that this gives you some guidance. Remember the short jumpsuits work best to elongate shorter frames as it plays up the length of the leg. If you're on the tall side go for a extra long wide leg look or cuffed structured look with bright accessories to soften the look. Make sure that it doesn't pull to much around the hip area leaving a bit of room. 

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