Lenny Kravitz's Home Designs

We all know Lenny Kravitz is a well put together man who preserves his sexy style and stage presence but many, including myself would have never imagined that one of his passions would be interior design! I was surprised to find out that he's actually been dabbling in interior design for some time now with a few large scale projects under his belt such as Paramount Bay in Miami and for his latest project Lenny has partnered with CB2 to create some eclectic pieces that will be released in just 2 more days on Oct. 1st which you can preview here prior to it's release date.  His CB2 collection has a lot of accessory pieces such as rugs and throw pillows. His use of metallic adds so edginess with a bit of funk that seems to fit right in with the vibe that is Lenny. I for sure love the rugs and the brass metallic square end table.

Take a look at the Paramount Bay Miami design by Lenny. Not too bad if I do say so myself. I absolutely adore plants in living space! They add much needed life and greenery.