TIP interview on The Breakfast Club

TIP aka TI recently interviewed with The Breakfast Club and he had some interesting views on parenting, artistry and drug use. I for one appreciate TIP. I think he's very intelligent but in some aspects I had to disagree with his views like when he mentioned drug addicts having profound moments of wisdom while being high.

I do think it's possible to have epiphanies and revelations but if you're so clear in your focus, why do you need to be high to achieve that clarity??? I guess I'm biased because I have never done drug nor have I had any desire to try them.  I appreciate being clear in my thoughts at all times and heightening one sense while disturbing another seems backwards as hell to me. In addition I thoroughly enjoy spending my disposable income on clothes. I love fashion and I always rationalized it this way... I would rather spend my money on clothes then a drug that will make me giggle for an hour or so.  No thanks. I just don't understand it. Same goes for excessive use of alcohol. I drink and like girlie drinks but drinking past a certain point makes me sleepy and I feel that I wasted time sleeping versus doing something constructive so I never allow myself to get drunk. Plus that shits expensive when you drink socially outside at a bar and again I have other plans for my discretionary income.  But then again I guess some wouldn't understand buying multiple pairs of denim jeans either but to each his own right???  Check out TIP's full interview below.

Then he spoke on parenting and they discussed having other people discipline your child. I agree with him that no one should ever put their hands on my child. NOT MY DAMN KIDS!!!! hahaha but then again I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child and you should be able to tell a child right from wrong when needed but this is a fine line to tread because everyone parenting views are different. I have spanked my eldest children but I have not fully spanked my youngest and my youngest is the one with the mouth! I may yell but she's never fully received a spanking partially because my views on spankings have changed between the years. I don't have to spank you to get my point across but then again my eldest didn't really debate anything and didn't talk back. They were afraid to and I have mixed feelings now on whether or not that was a good thing. My youngest doesn't come off as intentionally sarcastic when she makes some of her comments but it may just be that she's too young to really put some the sassy-ness to it. Anyway back on topic... I agree that only parents should discipline but constructive criticism and advise should more widely accepted.  BTW.. did you check out the way he licked his lips when speaking to Angela?? I thought it was funny because that's something dudes tend to do to amp up their sexy. Anyway... I thought it was funny because he did it a few times but maybe it's just me and my suspicious mind... OR it was what I thought it was "suggestive lip licking". Ummm hmmmm