Fashion Report... Catch the Runway show for Serena Williams

Fashion Week started last week on the 9th but it's continuing full steam ahead with all the shows and hype associated with big names and whose who list. Yesterday you may have heard that Serena Williams fresh off her tennis tournament circuit jumped head first into the fashion arena with her own fashion show for HSN. I've seen tons of pictures related to the gossip around Drake attending the show but little about the actual fashion and for those who visit the site often know that the fashion is the main course for us so I've uploaded her full fashion show here for you.

I liked the fringe element but there wasn't anything else that I really loved. The fedora hat was okay but priced at $39.90 I feel that you can find a cheaper alternative. Then there is the asymmetric ruched wrap skirt that is also cute but again it's a little pricey at $49.90. The only bright side is that you're able to make installment payments and that's the allure of HSN which offer paying with installments. Overall though I think the show was professional and a great look for Serena who looked FANTASTIC. She was glowing and I loved seeing that Drake continues to support. Doesn't hurt that he was rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour either but a great look all around.