Women Fall Fashion COATS!!!

Fall fashion season has arrived! You all know I love a good fashion show and Dean and Dan Caten didn't disappoint with their Dsquared  fall show. Take a look at the highlights from the fashion show and hear what their inspirational view on this seasons FIRE below.

Hot coats inside....

Layer up with a fur vest that can go over a poncho, sweater or even a thin coat. If added correctly it will definitely take your entire outfit and presence from blending in to fashion slayer in 0.6 seconds. Try it out... go into a store with a thin coat or basic that you already have and throw on a fur vest or fur shawl with it. You'll be shocked how adding an accessories drastically transforms what you already have. Have fun with building on!
Fur isn't for everyone but it definitely adds texture and character to a coat. These coats are absolutely superb and I'm loving them!!!! Since coats are what a persons see's first during the winter months make sure your coat is on point! Spend a few extra dollars on your coat because a good will become a classic and will be re-used more than one season as coats rarely change much so a well crafted coat can easily last a few years. I still have a coat from a few years ago that is among one of my favorites. 
I absolutely LOVE a hot poncho. So far this season I have 3. You can find ponchos cheap everywhere but the color story on this poncho... PERFECT!!!