Wendy said what???

We're going to start a new segment here at UrShadybff and it chatting about the Wendy topics. Now I've been a Wendy Williams fan since forever! I loved Wendy on the radio in the 90's! I've actually had a fight with my ex over Wendy (lol). We were driving to Virginia and I had to listen to Wendy and he hated her show. Isn't that normally how it goes??? Either you love Wendy or you hate her but anyway... I loved her. However I haven't really gravitated to her talk show because lately I tend to disagree with her on many topics but instead of tuning out completely, we'll have our own internal debates here.
(more on the flip)

Wendy kicked her 7th season off yesterday which is great but her Hot Topics were debatable. During the show she kicked it off chatting about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's marriage saying that it won't last. I for one disagree with this because as I've mentioned on past post Justin is HOT! He's so hot in fact that he can have an easy replacement but he chooses to be there with Jenn. Not to say Jenn cannot replace him but let's be honest. When a woman hits a certain tax bracket, her choices grow slimmer. It's possible but definitely harder for a woman who has certain standards and requirements. Justin is cute and he has his own money, which may not match hers but it's something and he compliments her well. He's there because he loves her and he wants to be there which leads me to believe that Jenn is the dominant of the two. You know... happy wife happy life! He makes her happy because if he didn't, they wouldn't be together. Neither needs the other for validation therefore it's real.

Now for Serena and Drake. She mentioned that she believes Drake and Serena's relationship isn't real. Well I disagree. Serena said in a past interview that she thought Drake was cute and they have history since 2011. Their situation isn't new. Listen to Common explain how their 2011 beef was over Serena. 

Who goes back to an ex unless you really like them? I don't think he caused her to loose the match but she probably was just mentally not there. Girls that are girlie know all to well how they can get "caught up". Girlie jitters and sex can do that to you. I think Serena really likes Drake but I do agree with Wendy when she says that Drake shouldn't be taken seriously. Wendy said he should be viewed as a snack. LOL.... I do agree with that.  Drake loves ass and winning and at the moment Serena is in the limelight winning so that makes him an opportunist. Men aren't different then women in that sense. They know an opportunity when they see it and I believe he's well aware that she liked him and he slipped back in the mix because he's an opportunist (possibly). Who smiles that damn hard anyway??? LOL