The Perfect Guy

In preparation for the movie the Breakfast Club radio show were discussing the movie concept of the Perfect Guy and asked callers for their stories. Although I have some reservations airing out my history on the radio I would definitely tell you guys here about all my wacky stories and I surely have one of those crazy stalker ex-boyfriend stories. I dated a guy who was beyond bat shit crazy. I was young and he was a bit older than me but he was cute so I talked to him. Despite the fact that I was young, I still realized early on that he was not playing with a full deck.  He would give my mother roses for me and her and that was really nice but he would also watch my bedroom window to see what time I went to sleep. He would call me the next day and say things like 'why were you up so late last night?' which was creepy as hell and eventually I stopped talking to him and he grew worse. The final straw was one day when I happen to be with a girlfriend walking to the store and he jumped out the bushes and started swinging a belt hitting my friend screaming at me! He was totally craZy and although some girls find crazy appealing, I am definitely not one of them. It definitely didn't take long for him to go from 0-100 and within a few months it was over. He just disappeared and I never heard from him again. Actually after I cursed him out a few times over his craziness and stayed firm on it, he backed off.

Do you have any crazy ex stories and will you be hitting the theaters to check out the new movie??? I will definitely hit the theaters to check it out and I'll follow up with a report to this post on if it was worth it.