Banana Republic men's fall ready to wear isn't that special in my opinion but because I love my men, I couldn't neglect you. It seems my men love the fashion more then the ladies especially when it comes to styling the looks we see in the stores. Styling weighs heavily in how the look comes together. The correct styling can take a look from an nothing special, average look to a sharply dressed hottie that commands a second once over. Believe me, when you've styled the look correctly you'll notice the ladies looking a bit longer in their glare than usual. We definitely notice!

With the fall look from Banana Republic, they used layering to achieve their looks and threw in some bags for accessories. I'm a firm believer that accessorizing truly polishes a look while giving people whom you meet small clues about your unique personality. When shopping for accessories, make sure you're looking for those pieces that speak to you. Maybe a thin bracelet or if you're a techie then a smart watch with a customized band. Little things make a difference.