Messy Barnes and the Coach... SCANDAL

Apparently Matt Barnes was upset that his former teammate is dating his ex-wife and was "in his feelings" so much so that he drove a good hour and a half to lay hands on!!! Listening to The Breakfast Club this morning and yesterday, they feel as though people don't make decisions or shouldn't make decisions based on emotions but excuse me but most rash decisions are emotionally based. I do agree that at times you shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you to the point where you make a stupid decision such as in the workplace but when it comes to lovers emotional decisions are usually all emotionally tied.

So yesterday the topic was Elaina who is the fiancee of  Victor Cruz sending a text message to his suspected mistresses letting them know that she's still in the picture. They said that was a stupid decision and emotionally based because she's not leaving and that just infuriates the side chicks. Oh well... in my opinion she didn't need to do that because yes.. it bothered her way more than it bothered them but if that clears her mind then so be it. Who cares what his side chicks think if she feel that the text alleviated some of her frustration. 
But in the case of Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher... man oh man he deserved that ass whoopin! There are certain rules to the game and dating my ex when we were once acquaintances is a no-no. Then to add insult to injury they were laughing it up in the house that he paid for while his kids were the ones to call saying "this man we know is here with mommy"! No Sir! Not today! I completely understand and it's funny as hell! So his kids called daddy like "guess what???" hahaha. He was probably aware of the creeping but when you're kids call you... it's going down.  Then it's way past a creep when you'll inviting friends over for bon fires and you're filing divorce papers from your wife of 10 years. YESSSS the article here : nypost.com matt-barnes-attacks-knicks-coach-fisher says Derek was so enjoying Matt's ex's so thoroughly that he filed for divorce. OMG there's so much scandal with this one it's beyond tea!!!! Miss Laura is feeling like Sunshine these days. HA 

Come on now... you're married 10 years, who knows how many years prior to marriage they were together but 10 years bruh??? And you file for divorce because you hitting up your partners ex??? Sheesh!!!! His wife better not take that joker back because he will try to come back.

Anyway... the beat down was justified in my book. He said he beat him from the back yard to the living room and then Fisher had to call out of work the next day. Man! But if you read the article the kicker was when they said Matt meant his ex wife when she was 12! WTF??? 12??? How old was he? This is all wayyyy to scandalous and I love it! My only thing is I feel sorry for their children because children needs stability and this right here.. is all types of messy.