Ryan Reynolds blast friend

It's tough to be a celebrity at times. At least that's what I gather from stories like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently experience. Ryan said that he recently had to cut ties with a close friend of 25 years because the 'friend' tried to sell personal pictures of his daughter with Blake Lively and he said that he suspects the friend took this route because he cut him off financially. If that's true it's really horrible to think that once you reach a certain status you need to financially support your friends. You either cut ties or find alternative means for the friendship. He said that he suspected this person because the pictures were those that only close relatives received.

Well I'm sure that it hurt to finally put the nail in the coffin of that friendship but a soon as he started supporting the friend, the writing was on the wall in my opinion. Either way... I'm sure it hurt and there is a bit of resentment there and that's why he's speaking out on the situation.