Fall Fashion RTW Mall Edition

For all my fashion lovers out there, this ready-to-wear line is a staple in most malls and a definite go to for most white collar professionals. Typically I'm able to spot an outfit from this retailer but I was a bit surprised when I saw their women's line mostly because of the details. However most of the styling in this runway show was more layered than their usual presentation but the staples and basic remain. Can you guess which retailer this is?

Did you guess Banana Republic??? Take a look at the rest of their Fall RTW that is heavy on the layers but remains consistent with the muted color pallet. The brightest thing they offered was in red which isn't that far from basic and the pink which is definitely different than their norm. 

Where they tried to offer a more eclectic feel was in their shoe selection. The basic shoe from BR range from flats, kitten heels and pump but they threw in some oxfords to add flair this season.

 What I would have loved to see more from this brand for Fall was a spin on their normal coat selection. The coats seem bland and generic. They could have kept the staples but added more textures to the mix for a spin to their usual.