Boris and Nicole's New Deal

I think these two are a beautiful couple! I feel you rarely see two extremely gorgeous people and usually that comes with gigantic egos but I don't get that vibe from these two and they've been together for a while now so they should definitely be past the "who's ego is larger" phase.

Starting July 6 they'll debut a talk show on FOX (could've been a better channel but heyyy) which will discuss everyday things couples go through from love to kids to infidelity. Their goal is to bring the regular chat into your living rooms and I like it. Even though they're Hollywood sexy, they've always seemed very regular and down-to-earth and that gives them a vibe of relativity that translate to their audience when they're together. I once saw a show where they featured their home in California on one of the Home Design networks a few years ago and the way they presented it seemed very nice and free spirited. Anyway I wish them well on their new show.

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