Dental Horror Story

None of this would have happened with my child. I've been to the dentist countless times and at no point should it be that painful where it would require strapping me down. My children have had procedures done as well and I must be present and if I feel that it's unorthodox or uncomfortable for my kids we're out of there! No discussion required and if by any chance we got to the point where my child is screaming.... Houston... we have a problem!
I feel that is a huge issue with parents and people in general today. At times we feel that we must be polite and overlook common sense or what we know to be right from wrong. I couldn't bear to look at the video of the parent taping her child. HER CHILD SCREAMING. When she took the camera out, at that very moment she was fully aware that something just wasn't right with the situation. On top of all that you're paying for this service. NOOOOO! Not gonna happen at all. If I'm paying you for any service then it must be done correctly.
My daughter recently had a hair appointment for her junior prom so I dropped her off and I came back and her hair was horrible so I paid due to lack of time and returned the next day and told them to fix it. I politely told them that the job they did on her color was horrible and they knew it!  Some situations aren't able to be re-done. Prime examples of this is visiting a restaurant with crappy food or service.  If I pay for bad food then I'll take it and just not return unless but if I see a problem at the beginning such as bad service then and I'll demand that they return it and I'll leave with my money in hand. Services cost to much for you to not be 100% satisfied.

My daughter says that I can be rude at times, but it's not rudeness. It's being fully aware and present during all interactions. I believe in vibes and auras and if people give me an funny vibe, then no thank you. They can keep whatever it is they're offering. It's my money like it's your money so please be selective and aware of what's going on especially when dealing with children. OMG this made me upset!

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