Best French Toast Ever!!!!

So you all know I love bringing back my foodie tales for you and experimenting with recipes. I had to tell you all about the best french toast I've ever had and it all came from the most ironic place which is a Westin hotel. My girlfriend invited me to have brunch with her and a few other ladies yesterday and she chose the Westin because they had unlimited Momosa's for their brunch special but my goodness, the brioche french toast was by far the best thing on their menu. I haven't tried to make it yet but I think the syrup is the magic ingredient. It was super thick and I assume made in-house. If you're ever in Jersey City and you're hungry make sure you try the french toast at the Fire and Oak restaurant located at the Westin hotel. Seriously I'm going back there and trying it again and I'm going to try to replicate it because it's a MUST in your recipe box! It was that damn good. Seemed like it an entire weeks worth of calories but still OMG good.

Here's a picture and I swear I'll try to replicate the recipe and update the post. Just in case you want to try for yourself it's brioche french toast with caramelized bananas sweet brown sugar rum sauce and toasted walnuts topped off with whipped cream. It's DIVINE!

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