Okay... Caitlyn it is!

So Bruce has finally transitioned. I swear I didn't even recognize him in these pictures. I saw them and thought well who is this? Heyyyy... if he likes it then yadda yadda... you know the rest. My only objection is that once you have children, I think it's kind of selfish to redefine your identity because your identity impacts your children's sense of self despite their ages. We're anatomically defined by sex and the bearing to create children are defined by your sexuality and altering that identity later in life after you've chosen to raise children must have some bearing on how they view themselves and the "new" you after all is said and done. Just my thoughts on it but ultimately it's his life and his right. I guess fulfilling a life long dream is everyone entitlement. I just think it's selfish to do after you've created an identity and roles that impact others.

Caitlyn even launched an official 'tweet'. Twitter name change and all.

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