Metallic Nails

Summer months are when the toes come out to play and although playing with bright colored nails are nice, they rarely go with everything. Once you get your nails done in that bright lime green color that looks great with denim or basics, may look awful paired dressier clothes or it may not go with the color scheme in your multi colored maxi dress because we all know summer would be less fun without a great maxi dress! So with that in mind, I've been trying to find a great neutral color that doesn't clash with my bright colors but also gives me a great polished looked and metallic colors came to mind. Metallic nails look great with everything especially paired with jewelry. You can get a great metallic nail with a bold print and you won't have to worry about anything clashing or not working well with dressier attire. If you have a few weddings to attend, metallic nails can take you from the wedding to the beach, then to work and to the dance floor effortlessly. So with that said I'll be trying my theory testing out a few colors starting today.
My first choice is a rose gold hue that I love because it matches my sun glasses and favorite bracelets. If you know me then you know that I'm all about building onto what you have currently and I have tons of gold tone jewelry and it complements my skin tone well too. I'm starting off with Essie's Penny Talk. I'll be trying the below design for my upcoming vacay. I think this design really adds to the playfulness of the tones without coming off bland and boring. The cracked cobblestone look add a punch to the already bold color. I also will be doing this myself as I'm cheap and don't like paying someone to do my nails because I can do them myself and spend my $20 eating dessert somewhere. LOL

Take a look at the other tones that are out there in metallic and test them out to see if its a better choice for a neutral pallet if you're into the neutral nail trend like to flesh tones and powder pinks. 
China Glaze makes a great metallic line as well as Sally Hansen's Chrome line or the magnet line if you want to play with a few psychedelic looks. Oh and a few tips to maintain your manicure is to pick an excellent top coat. I tend to get almost 2 weeks out of my manicure and I'm sure it's due to the top coat I use. I found a gem called "Out the Door" and it works wonders preserving my color. It also dries my nails super fast so I have less smudging and imprints because again, I do my nails myself and often try to get right up and get on to the next thing on my list. When I use Out the Door, I'm literally there for a few minutes letting them dry and it works! I don't use a base coat either because I like to double or triple up on the coats of nail polish I use to get a thick bright coating. It helps my nails to grow strong and long without breaking. My thumb nails for some reason chip at the bed easily and when I use a thicker coat and my top coat it slows that down.

Another really great tip is to use Vaseline at nights to moisturize your hands because the hands are one of the first areas on your body to age and shows aging dramatically. You ever look at an untouched picture and look at the persons hands and say oh wow! The wow part is because their hands look 10 years older than their face and that's because the skin is not as tight there and it's exposed to all natures elements with very little protection and moisture so get that Vaseline out at night and go to sleep with it on. You'll thank me later. Add it those feet too... especially the heels!  

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