Big data traces you're leaving RIGHT NOW!

Yesterday I attended an IT symposium and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I like attending these types of events because I always learn something new. Technology is so vast and rapidly growing that you can never stop learning in the field of technology.  One of the presenters had a great presentation where he compared a Radio Shack Presidents' Day ad from 2000 and said that all the devices on that ad would cost you around $3000 but today they're all standard features of your $200 phone.

Another topic that was incredibly eye-opening was just how much information these companies gather about your lives. One great example of this is the 3 way bundle providers for your internet, TV and phone. 

If you add in home security with the same company and cell phone history they pretty much can tell you where you're going before you leave. They would know who you're talking to on a daily basis, what you watch on television, what you look for online, when you leave and come in the house or even when you awake in the middle of the night for water. That's an insane amount of data compiled about you and that information is like gold to people trying to influence your habits. Candidates who run for office are increasingly interested in this exact type of data because they'll know exactly what the majority of voters "hot topics" are and where to focus their campaigns. Also drug companies develop drugs based off of projected ailments and illnesses that they foresee to be increasing based on these habits. If you're not sleeping well and you're watching television into the early mornings you'll most likely see an add for insomnia. That's no coincidence. I've once received a tester of new SPF face lotion and I've never signed up for it but these huge pharmaceutical companies knew at one point in time, I looked into what the best SPF face lotion was that didn't leave a residue and I distinctly recall looking for it because my lotion at the time left a white chalky residue that distorted my complexion and I was the only person who knew that outside of Google. If you look at some things that randomly happen to you, you'll probably see a correlation and realize it wasn't random at all. Kind of scary right? Anyway there is a huge emerging market for this data which includes security and governance that most people aren't aware of but big business knows. 

Anyway people... have a great Tuesday! Let me know your thoughts.   

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