2015 BET Award Perfomances

Good morning beautiful people. Soooo I caught the BET awards last night (well some of them) and there were a few performances that had a smile on my face. Overall I thought it was a nice show and I'll do a quick recap for you guys who missed it.

I thought Meek Mill, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj were cute. Meek looked at Nicki like YESSSSS! He was ALL SMILES and that was cute. Men are suppose to feel like that about the woman they give their heart to right?

The Bad Boy reunion had me feeling like I was in high school again. LOVED me some Lil Kim before she went and switched up her face. Puff was in that tunnel when it first started looking stiff a bit but the performance was still great! Mase pretty much looked the same and Faith looked great too.

More performances on the flip.

They all dieted in preparation for this performance because they all looked like they didn't change AT ALL! Did you peep little Puffy with the flag? That was his son aka mini Puff and I thought that was CUTE. Can I just put this out there please for the women.... PLEASE don't pump that stuff in your backsides. That stuff looks a mess. Lil Kim looked like K. Michelle and K. Michelle looked like her middle was about to explode. OMG it looked painful!

Then Kendrick Lamar was great too.

Absolutely loved the Janet Jackson tribute although I thought she would perform herself. Still a great little performance. Love Janet!

Also can we please give props where props are due? Tracy killed it! Her body is great and she's funny! Always loved Tracy from her Girlfriends days. Work mama!!! I thought this was cute and funny.

K. Michelle, Tamar and Patti. I'll just say I loved Patti.

We all know that I love Janelle. Loved the performance.

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