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Happy Monday people!!! I hope your weekend was awesome! Here in NJ the weather was finally cooperative so I took full advantage. There are so many topics to discuss... where do we start??? Did you catch the season finale of Game of Thrones? OMG They killed off Jon Snow in such a disrespectful fashion. I wasn't even shocked because I knew he died in the book but watch the actual sense I just shock my head. That entire sense just reaffirming my perception of people like "damn... people are so manipulative and vulture-ish" here he was trying to save them by increasing their army and they turned on him using manipulation and deceit to lure him out defenseless and through the kid in there to bury the final blade. DAMN!!!! Here I am dissecting it like it's real or something right??? LOL... but the thought process can easily be translated to modern times and real life situations. You try to build an empire or business with the hopes that you're employees feel the same way you do about the business and they're off selling secrets or trying to undermine you where they can or worse your family or friends come for you with the BS. Happens everyday which is why I keep my distance from people. No loyalty. Anyway let me get back on topic... I hate the long hiatus between seasons. These shows need to do something about shortening seasonal hiatuses because people have short attention spans. If your favorite recording artist doesn't put out fresh music for you to consume, you're on to the next. Soon television will need to adjust their seasonal programming. I don't know for sure I'm there has to be some sort of drop in viewers from season to season unless it's a word of mouth phenomenon like Breaking Bad which I LOVED!!! Who didn't? But most people I know, including myself binge watched Breaking Bad to catch up because I don't know of anyone who caught that series from the absolute beginning. Ironically my father was the person to tell me about the series and he started watching season 1 and my dad's never on trend with anything.

Then there is Rachel Dolezal!!!! The highlights of that entire ordeal is the "Ask Rachel" Twitter hashtag questions that has been trending since the story broke. They are hilarious!!! OMG... I'm not going to go into the story because it's everywhere but the damn questions for Ask Rachel... Love it!

Here are my favorite.

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