Is this the future in Driving???

If you're familiar with me and my love for the futuristic then you'll know that I loved watching this concept of what the future in driving will be according to Mercedes. I think it's pretty cool! The flying car was what we all thought would be the next prototype that would be more accurately depicted for 2015 time but that hasn't happen YET so this doesn't seem that far fetched. My daughter's friend can't parallel park without the assistance of his car's parking feature so cars basically can do this now. It's just cool that it will be completely autonomous so that you can do other stuff while not worrying about crashing but my only question is "how fast will these cars go"? I'm a speed demon and this car is definitely obeying all speed laws and seems to give everyone the right of way. That will definitely add time to the average commute. LOL 
Take a look. 

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