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I had a conversation with 2 separate people about all the beautiful people they see on Instagram and how it's full of interesting people going to interesting place all while looking flawless! My reply to this was Instagram is full of mirages and trickery from filters. I'm not saying that people are not actually doing stuff or that they're not beautiful BUT what I'm saying is that a picture from one moment in time is only part of the story. I don't see many people walking around during my normal travels that look like they've been styled by Beyonce's professional team of beauty experts. Hell... it cost a lot of money to look like Beyonce and most people don't have the time nor the money to do so. You may see someone and say oh her hair looks nice or their outfit is nice but very rarely do you see someone and say WOW their entire presence is perfection and when you do TRUST a lot of effort and time went into it and it's most likely not an everyday thing or if it is it takes a lot of upkeep. How many times have you gone to a salon and thought to yourself that your stylist doesn't have the best hair you've seen? I've thought that many times but then I've seen my stylist out in the mall and said ohhhh her hair looks great! That's because she put forth effort to do her hair prior but for the most part her hair looks like nothing special.

Beyonce and Kim with minimal make-up (not even bare faced... well Kim is bare faced and I'm sure you don't see that often) and they look very regular. Not horrible but very regular. People don't use these types of images to compare themselves though.


Don't get me wrong, there are tons of beautiful people in the world but not too many are walking around in an over abundance that makes me question my daily routine of how I present myself to the world. The internet is flooded with how-to's that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary especially when it comes to make up. Looking online will have you believing that everyone is using contouring and have a cosmetic surgeon on-call but that's just not true. Like I said earlier, a picture only captures a second in time and the other 23 hours and 59 minutes are spent outside of Instagram. So if you spend your time online comparing yourself to a bunch of people that may have had one great night of course you'll start to feel inadequate. It's the collection of people and tons of activities done at different times by different folks that make you feel you're missing something when you're actually not. You have great times too which you may or may not post online to share with your "friends" and I use friends very loosely. Nothing is wrong with you! And if you feel that there are things in your life that you would like to try to improve then by all means start on your individual journey. We all have improvements we're trying to accomplish but like I tell my kids... it takes effort to accomplish anything in life! Everything takes effort! You're not born knowing how to walk and run. You're first put on your belly then your crawling, then standing then one step and then two. What do you see here???? It's the effort that propels you forward and that's just God's design. Nothing comes from wishing. You have to put forth the effort and with the collection of your efforts, you'll start to see progress and a transformation.

So stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself to others. Get off the social media a bit and live your life to the fullest. It's nice to see others stories and you may even use them as motivation but by no means are we all on the same tracks in life so enjoy yourself and live the life that only you can create with your best efforts! Wishing you all a life time of great efforts and progression! XOXO

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