Happy July 4th

I hope you all enjoyed you're 4th of July and if you're in NY you enjoyed the mild weather. It wasn't too hot nor too cold but it did rain a bit. The rain didn't stop the show though and even through the rain, it all seemed to work out perfectly. I spent my extended weekend locally. Philly has a week long celebration every year and it ends on the forth with a huge concert and street fair which is nice but crowded. I went to the free concert in the past and it's entirely too many people so this year I went to the block party instead. It's held in the heart of the city directly outside of Independence Hall. Independence Hall is where the the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were birthed and it's only fitting that Philadelphia honors its heritage with a big celebration. Some of you celebrate your birthdays for an entire week. Why can't Philly? LOL

Speaking of Philly I had the chance to actually view the city because I went to look at a house but that's an entirely different post. Back to the city... The only thriving part is the downtown area. There are parts that look like it's been neglected completely. It reminded me of old D.C. but 10x worse. If you've ever been to D.C. The nations capital, you may know that it didn't always look as nice as it does now. A few years ago, maybe around 15-20 years ago, the city started to go through a revitalization phase which you're now able to see the progress. Time Square in NYC also went through this same revitalization and if you were lucky enough to buy property in any of these areas back then, you would now be a millionaire because one centrally placed building could net the owner over six figures. If you're fortunate enough to live near an urban area buy something and hold on to it. A brownstone in Harlem which you could have purchased from the city for pennies literally. The city had a sale at one point where regular investors were able to purchase property for $1 with the promise to fix up the property and live there. Most of these vacant properties were run down eye sores and now they're gold mines. So again if you're able to buy now, better late then never and they are still a few gems to be found.

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