Work Life Balance

Life is stressful! With all that people juggle daily from work to family, it's amazing that we find time in the day for ourselves to just take a deep breathe and relax. Now that the holidays are over and normal life has resumed for most of us, I would like remind you of simple techniques that can help ease stress. These techniques have worked for me and there is a lot on my plate daily. I hope that some of these work for you as well. Make sure you share your success stories with me.

1.   Workout-
Because you know it's good for you. Exercise helps the brain and your health. It reduces stress and your waistline simultaneously so exercise away! Also some gym memberships offer incentives like hydrotherapy massage tables which is another stress reliever in itself. But if you're not feeling another bill, then get out and run. Its a beautiful thing how the body adapts once you start. 

2.  Keep a journal- 
It may bring you back to your younger days but it really does work! It also helps you keep track of things that you may need to do or what you ate. If you're like me then you may munch more than you realize. I eat at my desk while working and those little in between snacks can creep up on you. Which brings me back to working out and exercise. It really does make a difference. 

3.  Laugh- 
Nothing beats stress like a good hearty laugh. This is why I have periodic "morning funny" post. Laugh as much as you can because there is a constant over exposure of seriously depressing stories. Not that the news is bad but a chuckle is definitely needed to keep us all sane.