Your Success and How To Achieve It

Good day BFFers. This post is a continuation of my previous post but about finding your passion but this touches more on how to convert your passion into a craft that others find useful with hopes that you can make a profit providing a service to others from your passion. That's the hardest part about living your destiny to the fullest. Most of us have a sense of joy with a hobby that makes us feel inspired and at ease. It could be multiple sources such as cooking or gardening etc. because we're all very complex individuals and are capable of enjoying so much but what tends to happen in life is we're told at a very young age that we must make a living and we're funneled through a system that isn't very kind to the arts because it's not viewed as lucrative fields therefore we're breed to serve mass industries so that others can line their pockets. During the process of trying to "earn a living" we loose our creative selves by not feeding our passions and as a consequence we "live" our lives feeling unfulfilled and unhappy for the most part.

Now that we're aware of the problem and we know how to discover our passion and have acknowledged what those passions are, how do we go about changing our destiny and getting back on course? Well this is the tricky part! Most of us are aware of the problem but are unclear on how to change it and I have a few suggestions on how to help with this. For the most part, if you're an adult or transitioning into an adult you will need to be responsible for yourself and you will need to earn a living. Being self-sufficient financially is an undeniable fact about adulthood. As an adult you probably have already learned enough skills to blend your passion into a profitable trade for yourself. It's not about resisting industrialism, it's about conforming it to fit into your life so that your contributing to society and earning a living while staying true to yourself. When you're working in an office, your only contributing to a machine that is larger than just one person and it's the large scale, multifaceted "machine" that works to serve an consumer which delivers to you a paycheck. So ask yourself how you can contribute to an already existing industry by way of your passion, but also fulfills a need incorporating knowledge you already have.

I'm going to provide examples of how this can be done using myself as an example. I work in I.T. (computers for those who are unaware what Information Technology means ) and it's a very large industry. I by no means know it all but I know bits and pieces of a lot which is like most people who work in my industry but by no means is it my passion. My passion is not in computers although I've developed an addiction to needing access to the internet and my phone and other technology but that's the same addiction we all seem to have so I'm no different than you. My passion is shopping, looking at apparel and showing people how to put all the fashion they find together to build self-confidence. I went to school for fashion (F.I.T) but like most I was unaware of what to do in that industry and life took over and I landed in I.T. where I developed a personal knowledge base. I believe fashion has the power to make you feel better about yourself. It beautifully displays to the world who you want to be and it is a tool but not everyone knows how to put things together to deliver what they want project outwardly because it's also very personal and can be complex. Sometime you may want to be all about business so you'll wear a suit and then you may want to be more hipster so you'll wear what you think is hipster attire. So basically put, you are diverse and have many different faces so you dress the part when needed but you may not know how to and that's where a person like me fits in because I am great at that. It's my thing and most importantly, I love helping teenagers who are discovering themselves. They are trying to learn how to project who they want to be to the world but no one teaches you that and I mean no one. This is the reason why teenagers go through so much inner turmoil during these years because their learning who they are and are constantly experimenting but don't necessarily have the tools to convey the message correctly so as a result they're in the malls constantly. You see the correlation now??? Teenagers run the malls because they have time and it's a place of discovery. They also feed off of tools such as Lookbook and Polyvore who have over 20 million visitors each month so that leads me to believe that there is a need and definitely a consumer for my passion. Now it's all about how I blend my current knowledge in computers with my passion and I'm working on that on multiple projects.

You can do the same. Listen to the video on how to find your passion and then look at the skill set you currently have and see how you can build on your own knowledge base. It will take time but it's your passion and it's rewarding. You'll be happier because of it and in turn you'll impact others because you're happy both in your professional life and your personal. You interact more smoothly with others when you're happy and that includes your family and in turn the world will be a better place with happier people in it.

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